Necessary Calendar Changes

Wow.  Much has happened in the past few days…

My friend Kelyn from Honduras

Where to begin?

I get my best blog thoughts at night…sad thing is, I’m usually too tired to crawl out of bed to write them.  So, my blog has undergone feelings of being left out of the ministry side of my life.  Sad.

I’ve neglected many online friends–and that started when I felt a strong inclination to live more life here in the “local world” rather than just the blog world.  I talked about some of you so much to my friends and family–that I think since they didn’t know you personally, they started thinking I had imaginary friends…YOU are very real to me.

The blog world is a really nice place to be–but there are seasons–where you just really need to sit it out and live with those around you.

I’ve had such a season.

My blog posts have been random and sporadic.  Mainly only when on a “mission trip“.  Or sharing a special life moment…And I’ve really done more “blog” talk on Facebook.  Again, Sad.

Since teaching on a regular basis–to our wonderful group of “Young Adults”, I’ve used much of my ministry thoughts-mind-and heart for the class…

My heart “LOVES” to write though–so this is a place I’ve really missed.

There are other things I’ve missed…relationships with people that I met online.  Since they aren’t in front of you on a weekly basis, it’s often those connections that get pushed to the back burner…sadly.  But I’ve thought of you…many of you cross my mind on a weekly basis.  Denise, a.k.a. Shorty Bear is a name that I imagine all bloggers in the Christian Women Writing World knows.  I don’t know why I just capitalized all of that… CWWW, made it sound like a wrestling group.

Other names associated with Laced with Grace and Internet Cafe` –ladies that I’ve met–and how they’ve ministered to my heart and life through the hardest journey…passing of a sister, are also frequently on my mind.

One dear friend I spoke to today.  She and I used to work together in the law office (which I always refer to as the “best in the South”),  are blessed with such a friendship/sister-ship, that we can have a conversation one day and not speak again for 8 months and pick up right where we left off.  Full of laughs and love.  I am blessed.  She knows if she had a need–or an emergency, there is no distance-or time that matters.  I will stop and pray–or if I can–GO.  And I know she would be the same for me.  Thanks Mare.  For being the kind of friend and sister that loves and cares  regardless of time and space.

Okay, off of that mushy stuff.

An amazing thing happened last week while I was sitting in a staff meeting, minding my own business….

I was “texted” the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Honduras…the catch?  Well, we leave Thursday morning from here about 12:00 a.m.   Or Wednesday night at midnight.  Take your pick.

There is much to the background of this story–and it all began with a prayer–during a  prayer retreat in the first week of May.  Honduras came up more than once in conversation –not spoken by me–but by a couple of friends.  I had been to Honduras.  Didn’t have it on my calendar to return.  Not that I didn’t want to–but I just didn’t have it on my calendar.

But as we prayed–corporately for God to “expand our territory”, enlarge our experiences in Him, and give wings to our prayers–among other things– I confess–I began to wonder what “might be next”…

It has been my experience with God–to expect the unexpected.  When I say “I won’t–or don’t want to” anything–it is usually a good sign that I might be about to…whatever “it” might be.

Then Jeff receives something in the mail that piques my interest…and it was “ordered”…(Still don’t know what God is going to do with THAT!)

My heart and soul has been stirred and I feel change is on the horizon…nearer than I can see today.

I believe God orders my steps.  He orders my plans as I give all of “me” to Him.  My desires have changed much in the past few years.  And I hope that the more I grow closer to HIM,  the desires of my heart and life continue to change.  Change is necessary.  That’s why I use pencil on my calendar.

Change is apt to happen.

Life can change on a dime.  I bear witness to that.

Life changes at a moment’s notice…without giving notice.

I want my life to be well lived for HIM.  No one else.

I leave for Honduras–a totally unexpected blessing–on the 13th–returning on the 21st.  (If nothing changes)

I desire your prayers.  This will be a different mission trip than I’ve taken before.

  • 1st difference–no internet. Zero. (No internet = no blogs until after 21st)  
  • 2nd difference–I will join a very large group.  I only know 1 person.  The person who invited me.   I am excited about the prospect of what God has around the corner.

I will be about 2 hours from the village where I had my first mission trip experience–but we will land in the same airport.  I googled the airport of Tegucigalpa, Honduras once we landed in 2010…and I found out about it…that’s all I need to say now.

That trip changed my heart in ways I could never have imagined….I expect more of the same.  God is an amazing God–and He writes on my calendar all the time.

He does yours too….have you noticed???

Will you pray for us every day?  Several times a day if we continually come to  your mind.  I really would appreciate it.  And, I promise to do my best to give you the full details of the whole trip–once I return to internet land.

Thank you in advance. 😀

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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