Snowy Blessings

I woke yesterday morning early–long before the sun rose on the mountain.  I tiptoed downstairs–not that my walking about would wake the sleeping giant (love of my life), but that the house was asleep–and any creak of the floorboards might waken it –wanting activity.  I was not seeking activity–I was seeking His presence.

Darkness peered back from my look out the door–I couldn’t tell if anything was falling from the sky–a look at the clock revealed it was after 4:00 a.m.  Seems my inner clock is stuck on that time.  Fortunately, it was NOT a hot flash that woke me, but a wonder.

I wondered at the day.  I wondered if it would snow.  Yes, I’m one of those crazy southern nutty girls who loves the idea of getting snowed in a mountain cabin.  Fully prepared and stocked with food though–the only way for such a delightful dilemma.  So we prepared Sunday afternoon.

I think everyone else in this little town was doing the same–and I said as much to Jeff, but he replied that he thought it was just their Sunday activity.

Sad.  I thought, surely this was not what they spent their Sunday’s doing.  But the forecast prompted a few days of bad weather–so I joined their ranks in stocking the cupboard.

I mentally checked off the things we had on hand as I walked around in the dim light that morning and began to silently talk to my Father.  “What do You have in store?”

Not wanting to spoil any surprises He might have, I didn’t ask for particulars.  This time.  Used to be, I would list out how I wanted the snow to fall, how long, etc.  Used to be.  Used to be not as trusting as I am today–of Him.

Living calls for trusting.

There are some things in life we can change–some we can’t.  But in all those things–we are to trust in the extended Hand…knowing full well–nothing passes to us without passing through Him first.  It will either enrich our lives, enhance our walk, or encourage us to walk steadier, closer and often with blinders on–as horses might wear.  So that they are not distracted by things on the sidelines.  That’s where we get hung up…with the activity going on around us, instead of focusing on what is going on WITHIN us.

Friend, there is a purpose for each and ever battle faced.  As well as each joy that is experienced in our hearts—SEE FURTHER.  

Look past the temporary.

When the snow began falling, I was not aware–for I had climbed the stairs about daylight and crawled back in bed to put cold feet under the covers.  I snuggled close to the giant, and soon drifted off to peaceful sleep.

Later I woke to his voice calling me from downstairs, “The Lord is talking to you down here”….

I knew what he meant, I could see out of the door beside the bed–it was snowing.

“He’s talking to me up here too”….was my sleepy grin reply.

God has been so good to me–and I don’t want to ever fail to recognize His hand in and on my life.

         “Thank you Father–for this gift of white.  Crunchy underfoot, cold and wet–and I love it all!  YOU knew just the right time–when I needed this rest the most!  Life gets hectic and busy–and with all my heart I want to serve You and those You have placed in my life.  

Too often we forget to rest.  

Too often we put others needs in front of what YOU need from us.

Undivided attention.

I’m as guilty as any.  More so probably–for I have had the tendency to snatch time with you on the go….and that is not acceptable.  Please forgive my busy schedule--I am seeing things in a clearer light.  My priorities are being aligned…thank You for patience, You didn’t have to give it to me–You could have very easily blessed someone else who is hungry and waiting…

Thank You Lord for mercy and grace. I am forever trusting, following, listening–to You.  Speak on.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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