Happy Birthday Daughter

Jeff and I are blessed with two incredible daughters.  Much loved and appreciated for what and who they are.

We never thought –or dreamed of what they might become when they grew up–beyond serving the Lord.  I always wondered what God would use them for in the lives of others…I know that He continually uses both of them to touch the lives and hearts of others…

I know what He has used both of them for in my own life.  

A teaching instrument.

They became the vessel by which God would teach me of His unfailing love and power–and His mercy, forgiveness and GRACE.

On October 13, shortly around the lunch time hour–God brought into this world a little girl with dark hair and bright eyes.  A heart of compassion for others–if you don’t count the sisterly quarrels and subsequent fights with her beloved sister, April.  And up until April got a good foot hold in the world, Tiffany won the fights…uhmmm….but there came the day that changed.

Now, they are the best of friends and they lean on each other for strength and wisdom for trying situations in their own lives.

We are blessed parents.  

I confess it was tough raising two girls –close in age–born 18 months apart.  I learned so much along the way–thank YOU Jesus–for these girls…and all my lessons.  Now Tiffany is on the receiving end of much love–and some lessons mingled.  Lessons to teach…and learn from.

It’s harder, I think today, raising kids than when ours were coming up–more competition for time–and money.  I am thankful for the leading of the LORD in the lives of our children and grandchildren….

 Life is busy for everyone–but tomorrow, we have set aside her birthday to help her celebrate her first 29th birthday! (So she says *grinning*)

It will be a girls only day–and we are excited to see what God has in store for this girl…for the coming year.

Father, first, I thank You for this precious gift.  I thank You for all that You have guided her safely through.  I pray that You would continue to help her hear and heed Your voice as never before.  Draw her to You–where her faith was learned–and where she can be strengthened for the coming days– Grant her wisdom in raising her own children to love and serve You–forsaking the ways of the world…but reaching out to what You have purposed in their lives.  Protect her–keep her safe as You journey with her–teaching her of Your unfailing love.  

I am reminded daily that our time is drawing to a close–and we must all be so diligent about seeking to save those who are lost.  Thank You Father, for this first most precious and priceless gift.  A child.  We gave her to You when she was born…and still we trust You completely with her life.
Fill her to overflowing with the passion for You–  Remind her of her early prayers–as a child–when she was more concerned for the children in China than she was of how many stuffed animals could fit on her bed at bedtime.  We renew that vow today, as her parents, that she is Yours…not ours.  Ours only for a season of training–I hope and pray we didn’t fail you as bad as I sometimes thought we did…
We continue to…follow You.  Amen.

Tiffany, whenever you read this, know that your mom and dad love you with everything we have–as does your sister, April.  We look forward with great anticipation to all that God will do and reveal in  your life–as He continues to change each one of us–as we earnestly seek HIM….

I love the fact that you laugh easily–cry too.  For others.

I love the fact that you love your children passionately–and want the best for them…as we did (and do) you.

I love the fact that you have the best parts of us…(sorry about the not so good parts–work through them as best you can).

I love the fact that you taught me how to stay up all hours of the night–and I love the fact that you didn’t hold it against me when I fell asleep rocking you… (I remembered staying up late–last night as age and ailments wake me at odd hours…)

I love the fact that you were chosen by my Father in heaven to be mine.  I cherish and remember almost every detail of that day.  From the Red Holland show, to the nurse that discussed being baptized in the Holy Spirit with your daddy while I was in labor…Her name was Marsha.  

I love how stories of your own children will make me laugh–and cry as  you share them with me–knowing what they mean to me.

Mostly, child, I just love you.  Everything about you.  I love how you brought me closer to God–through every single trial of your raising………I pray that you also know and understand and feel that bond with our heavenly Father.

I leave with my precious readers–the birthday girl and her girl.  (Another blessing–and story for another day.)

(Yes, she was taught not to do that…but this was a fun day of family gathering at my folks house….and this made me smile.)

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News.  All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daughter”

  1. Awww! Thank you momma! I love it!! You made me laugh and cry!!! 😉 ( almost both at the same time) I love you very, very much!!!!!

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