When God Calls Your Name

Walking with my sister, mother, aunt and cousins, along a dirt road last year, I was about to take a step over what appeared to be a letter.

I stopped.  Bent over and low and behold, it was an “A”.  Not placed by human hands…but by the Wind.

How it happened I didn’t have a clue, but I knew it was significant –at least for me.

Sometimes we look for a “word” from a friend…to encourage us…or uplift us.  But that’s all it can do, and sometimes that’s enough…for the time.

But there is a WORD that you and I can have on a daily basis…straight from the heart of God.

I am very excited about what our church has begun this past Sunday.  

Operation 180º.  It’s a call to prayer, Bible reading, and fasting for 90 days.

Did you just gulp?  90 days will take us to the first week of November–a time when we are thinking, “Thanksgiving”…family gatherings–hearts and lives blessed.  For many though, it doesn’t mean anything out of the ordinary.  It means just another day.  Just another 90 days.

God has called our name-He is intent on giving us a message–letting us KNOW that He is present–and wants–desires for us to “see Him” and experience HIM as never before.

Life as usual won’t get us there.  It takes determined steps.

I know I’ve talked a lot about this…but I have found that I have to dig myself in mentally, spiritually and even physically to make time with HIM all it should be.

This morning it was raining–I woke at 3:13.
Odd time…the odder thing was this:  I began thinking of all the times I had heard God speak to me.

Over the past 4 years, I heard from Him… (not from any individual), 7 times.  Actually, as I was on my way to work, I thought of the 8th. Oh, and sitting here right now, He just reminded me of the 9th.  Significant words.  Words from the Word.

When reading the Bible, we read down the page (hopefully not passively, but fully involved), and a passage jumps out at us..perhaps we heard it recently, maybe even said something similar in days or weeks prior.  But the significance is when we FEEL Him say, “this Word is for You…for your –today–“.
Most times, tears fill my eyes as I realize His love afresh for me.

The 7 to 9 times of His voice I’m speaking of this morning was His voice–to me.  In my ear…to my heart…and no one else heard anything.  It wasn’t audible…but it was heart focused and heart felt.  So much so that the very words permeated my soul and changed the way I looked at that day!

7 to 9 times I heard Him call my name with a specific message for me.  Not to be ever forgotten (as was recently discussed with a mentor).  I can still feel the heat…I can still smell the smells around me–I can even still look around and see what I saw then.  It made an impact.  (I just thought of another!)

In every single instance–my mind and heart was fully focused, fully engaged in following HIM.  Not my agenda.  I want that every day!  

It is a fight.  The enemy does NOT want you to have that…why, if you have that, you JUST might start to BELIEVE HIM FOR IMPOSSIBLE THINGS!

I’m laughing right now, because that is what I am doing.  Believing HIM for impossible things.

If you DARE…step out on the water.  Believe for the IMPOSSIBLE….REACH higher than you’ve ever dared before.  It starts with determination.

When we first began discussing this plan of action, I remembered the compass on my phone.  If you have a compass on your phone, get it out.

I’ll wait.  Click the icon.  Bring up the compass.

Notice what happens if you fidget in your seat.

Fidgets brings movement.

Steps in either direction brings movement.


The needle will go wild if you spin in your chair!

Did you know (perhaps at this point you do), every move you make alters your course?…Every. Single. Move.

One glance to the left, your whole body makes the adjustment…the needle moves…maybe just a bit, but enough to alter it….keep glancing to the left…or to the right…and the needle will move so much that you might not remember the direction you were headed in the first place….

Friend, we better know.

We better keep our eyes open and straight ahead to the straight and narrow.

It is hard?  You betcha!  (GrandBuddy lingo)

But the Bible says, few will enter into the straight and narrow path…because they can’t find it…their focus is so off course, they lost sight.

Hey, we are so close to the end, you must KNOW the enemy will try EVERY tactic known–every weakness you have, he will pull out to tempt you with…stay focused.  Stay alert.  

Watch your steps…better yet, watch the One you are to be following.

I have to tell you this before you go:  yesterday while driving home from work, I passed a truck and smiled when I read the sign (yes, I have this thing for trucks and billboards).  It was a “moving truck”…(pay attention), the side of the truck read:  “Dedication at every turn”….

It will take dedication; determination; eyes wide open and focused.  Prayer–fasting–not just food–THINGS that have interrupted your life and stolen time from God.  He won’t stand for it…He’s not going to “take it from you”…YOU have to decide to lay it down.

Operation 180º.  90 days of purposed steps in His direction will change the course of your life.

Go for it!

(2 Chronicles 7:14-16)  Read it today.

© Angie Knight–The Knightly News 2012

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