A Girl Named Nary

100_5879Are you up for a walk?  It’s not far…(well, actually if you are standing by the road in front of their house it’s not far…but if you are still here—then it’s about a 13 hour plane ride and 12 hour time zone away.) 

And it is hot.  Right now it’s lunch time in Cambodia.  And it’s very hot—sticky and there is quite a bit of dust in the air from the motorbikes. 

So, if you’ve got a bandana or handkerchief, you might want to cover your mouth….otherwise, your throat and lungs will fill with the awful red colored dust and dirt….not so good.


We’re going to Nary’s house with my dear friend Rene`. 

Rene` is the sponsor of a young girl from the Ampil School.  She has a quiet nature, but loves fun things.  This was one visit I was especially looking forward to, not having my own sponsored child in Cambodia, this was the next best thing.  100_5878Rene` invited us all to take part.  I got to be the photographer, Vanessa was the prayer partner, and Becky was the videographer. 

Rene` planned it all out in advance.  She bought gifts for the mom and dad and made a bracelet for Nary.  She had other gifts for her, but the time, effort and thought put into each gift touched our hearts.  It was indeed a holy moment watching the two of them meet.

We were all crying by the time we left. 

Vanessa prayed the most anointed prayer over the family, which was interpreted and we all prayed along in our hearts—asking God to draw this family into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, if they were not already His own.

100_5895Nary’s mom was so excited to have Rene` there that day.  She had cleaned and brewed a pot of tea, which she set out immediately in her best china tea pot.  I had to slip over to Ly, one of the interpreter’s and let him know quietly that Rene` was taking medication that would make her very sick if she partook of anything other than what her system was accustomed to.  I asked him to please let the family know that we were deeply touched by their generosity, but for Rene`’s health sake, she shouldn’t risk it.  They were okay with that—didn’t seem offended in the least, as a matter of fact, their faces were wreathed in pleased smiles as we took the last photo’s before leaving.

Nary’s mom also brought out the family picture album.  It was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.  You do that for your relatives who haven’t seen your own children in a long time…to me that was Nary’s mom’s way of letting Rene` know “she was family”.  I even took pictures of her pictures of Nary as a baby and toddler.  She also showed us the whole family.  Nary is the youngest of three.

As we had begun the week singing a song called, “Holy Spirit Rain Down”, it happened that day underneath the tin roof of their open home.  100_5907The most precious anointing of the Holy Spirit poured down on us that day—and I am so grateful that Rene` asked us to join her.100_5998

One of the neatest things happened when we got back to Ampil School.  Nary saw Rene` in the school yard talking with some of the other children and left her class immediately and ran out to greet her again and hug her neck.  That was so precious to us.  Of course, we were all blubbering in tears again at the love and appreciation of this dear child.

If you would like to play a special part in the growth, maturity, spiritual guidance and health of a child, please contact someone at Mission of Mercy.  Visit their website at www.missionofmercy.org today and make a difference.  For as little as $34 a month, you can become part of a family in another part of the world….and the blessing of doing so will far outweigh anything you think you might miss out on here.

God bless you…and thank you Rene`.  For being such a dear friend—and for having the compassion of Jesus Christ.


© Angie Knight—The Knightly News 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

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