Work Site Devotions

I am very proud of this group of people…all hearts and minds intent on one thing…doing all they can for others…and KEEPING GOD FIRST. They gathered each morning and as Jeff shared the devotions each day and they prayed together, God united hearts and strengthened bodies for the work and sweat ahead!

Long days–but good attitudes and happy individuals made the work easier and their focus remained steady.

Thank you JESUS for helping them daily and for bringing them all home safe. We are especially glad to have some of Jeff’s special friends and brothers join our Grace group! Thanks guys! You made quite an impact! (David, Jeremiah and George)

In the morning, bright and early we begin a new week of camp! We appreciate ALL prayers for strength, safety and EPIC anointing in the services and in the hearts and lives participating in this 2011 Youth Camp! I know the kitchen staff will truly appreciate all prayers! We have many mouths to feed but we will not cook a single thing, until we have brought the day before the LORD.

I look forward to handing my camera off to some talented photographer this week for some amazing pictures to bring you–keep watching for YOUR child–he or she just might make the blog!

ALSO, more pictures will come from the trip to Rainbow City, AL this past week and updates along with–as soon as time permits.

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