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Saturday Ramblings

Good morning y’all.  That’s what I’d say if you were here…instead of there.  Wherever you are…maybe sitting in your p.j.’s eating cereal…or maybe it’s late night where you dwell.  Either way, good morning from here!

I woke to what appeared to be the sound of a boat buzzing across the lake–and then the stick hit the window and I remembered I don’t live at any lake and knew it was a lawn mower.  At an ungodly hour!  (not really, I was awake for a long time, just going over “things” in my head)

Jeff returns today from his second trip to North Alabama to assist those that were hit–devastatingly hard by the tornadoes in April.  Why don’t they name the tornadoes?  They name the hurricanes that come and rip the sands of the shore away, grain by grain.

There have been some storms in my life that I’ve labeled.  Maybe you have some of yours.   For me, it was not to remember the storm, but to remember what God did.  In a message from our pastor a few weeks ago, he talked about raising a “banner”–over the victory!–emphasizing that God had come in and stomped the enemy out!  We BELONG to GOD!  The enemy has NO AUTHORITY in your life, in my life–if we are a believer in Christ JESUS! 

But sometimes I felt “stomped” out–in the process of the battl.  And perhaps you have too…maybe it’s because there are things in us that need to be stomped out–pressed out–time for some self-examination! 

I’m getting ready for several things-

  • more massive cooking at “Youth Camp”,
  • The She Speaks Conference,
  • and Bolivia.  (Another one on the horizon, but we won’t discuss it right now.)

Tucked inside all of this–is a heart that seeks to do God’s will–wherever that may take me.  Time is running out–we’ve much to do–many hearts and lives to touch for Jesus!

KNOW that your prayers are needed and appreciated for both of us!  Jeff will be over the top busy the next few weeks!  Actually, being married to my best friend and love of my life for over 29 years, I have never seen him “un” busy.  He’s just a worker!  A man with a servant’s heart–who loves Jesus with all that he has and is.  I am so thankful that God joined our hands and hearts all those years ago. 

And the storms of life?

We just cling tighter.

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1 thought on “Saturday Ramblings”

  1. Just dropping by to collect a few snippets from your life. I know you're one busy lady; and that in the best of senses!

    Ah yes … the subject of storms. I know them well. Thank God “The Anchor Holds”!


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