Traveling on Wednesday

We traveled to Hardy, Arkansas yesterday!  AND to Mammoth Springs, Arkansas—and even slid right into Missouri! (They did that just so I could say, “I’ve been there!”)

What an experience!

Leaving Missouri and headed back up into the hills of Arkansas was filled with amazing views of an expanse of rolling hills, rock mountains, bare-branched trees and land dotted with a few cows all along the way.  Springs and creeks seemed to run everywhere, but I’m sure they aren’t, it just seemed that way to me.  I really felt like a kid in a candy store, I just couldn’t take it all in.100_3427

Traveling the gravel roads for miles and miles brought us to “Norman’s house”.  If you’ve not read that post, I encourage you to do so if you have a minute.

After checking the rain damage at the hunting house, mopping up a room of water, with Pam in disgust at the state of things—and a determination to change it asap, we headed home.  Going a different way in order to see MORE.

We stopped in Hardy to explore the shops.  It was sad to see that the economy had shut down so many.  BUT with those remaining we shopped and reminisced of the “old days”—and I say this with a grin, because Jeff and I remember the days of no phones in the home, “out-houses”, milking cows—making  your own butter, living off the land and being very careful with every penny.  Nothing wasted.  These were the days of our grandparents, but we came along just as some of the changes (as in out houses) were taking place.

I want to share with you some neat things we saw along the way:


Enjoy the gardens.  This was next to a store that makes stringed instruments. Chris called it the “pickin’ and grinnin’ place”.



Jeff helped with names of some of the farm tools, but the kitchen stuff, I knew what they were.  How many do you recognize?  I love Hoosiers.  My grandmother had a really nice one (which I wish I had!).

There were many things that I remembered from my grandparents’ homes.  What memories flooded back!

Then the trip to Norman’s and I saw that there are those who still live in the days “gone by”.



I’ve many more pictures, but for today—this is probably enough.

Most of the other pictures are landscapes…which are my favorite. 

I hope you have a blessed day—and stop and tell God thank you for the computer you have in your lap! Or on your desk!  Or the one  you hold in  your hand!

  We’ve come a LONG way!

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2 thoughts on “Traveling on Wednesday”

  1. Amen on thanking GOD for not just the computer but EVERYTHING He's allowed us to have. Amen!

    Looks like you are enjoying yourselves and I'm so glad! Loved the photos and the sharing!

    Love ya!

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