When God Pushes the Pause Button

Have you ever felt that? 

The pause button has been pushed on the movie of  your life–or you’ve been put on hold…

Well, that is sort of how I feel right now.  Last week, my sister, Aimee reminded me, “Angie, it’s not your trip…it’s His.”

Yes, she is right.  For reasons known to Him fully it has been paused.  Put on hold.  Until AFTER March of this year.  If you have followed along on this ride, you know where I was going.  For very obvious reasons, the team won’t be going there right now. I had to pull all the posts down about the trip–again, for obvious reasons.  Safety issues of those already in place there–and for us.

The great peace in my heart about all of it is this:  God knew the day He placed the trip in my lap that this was going to happen.  Did I question Him?  What do you think?  Am I human?  Of course I questioned.

Things like, “Well why did You let me have it only to have it taken away?”

Hmmm.  I think we ask Him that about a lot of things.

The answer?  He says it to each of us.

“Do you trust Me?  If you truly trusted Me to handle this and all those other situations, then  the hand-wringing actions of your heart would cease.  Haven’t you learned yet?  If it’s in My hands….there is no reason you should be trying to hold it too.  My ways and thoughts are so much higher than your own.   Please let go so I can work. 

There are things that should be accomplished in your heart and life before we can go on.  Things that involve others as well.  You do know that it’s not all about you, right?  It involves ALL of My children.  Hang on dear one.  Be patient.  I’m working….even though you can’t see it all right now….trust Me.”

What is it in your life that you are still worrying over?  To worry means we are not fully trusting.  We are clinging—to our own ways and ideas of how things should turn out.  Hmmm.   Although I’m working hard on this aspect of my walk with Him….I’ve not made it yet.

But I’m still working on it.  How about you?  Working on trusting—or worrying.  Make a decision—and stick to it.  TRUST HIM.

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