The AFTER Thanksgiving Day Parade

Well, I didn’t catch the parade on Thanksgiving Day.  Maybe you were able to.

 If you didn’t I will share our parade with you…

There is still a trail of laundry between the bedroom and the laundry room.

 If your family does not have a clown…I feel sorry for you.

We are full to running over with clowns.

AND they were in rare form.

Little Jake is gathering speed to make his mark…and he will make it with a huge force! He is a quiet sweetie…. 🙂

Cy is the blue eyed delight.

You should hear these little ones pray.

Okay. So here is what went down.  We had little visitors. 

 And we did some visiting! 😉

Great FUN was had….also great tiredness is happening now.

Tiff cooked her first big family Thanksgiving meal.  We missed her bunch.

Jeff and I took a troop to his mom’s then to mine.

We ALL ate way too much. We were all blessed.

Ended the evening with a fun game of “bananagrams” or something like that.  It was Aimee’s game–but it was FUN.  Gotta get us one of those games!

Mother and I had a hotflash contest.  I still think I won. 

On second thought, she may have won this round.

 From my mother’s kitchen, to yours, we hope and pray that your Thanksgiving meal filled you up–and that your heart and soul also experienced some joy amidst all the flurry of activity that more than likely surrounded your bunch.

I don’t do the Friday shopping after Thanksgiving.  Instead we decided to just rest here.

Mother and I talked on the phone today about all that we are thankful for.  She read me her passage of Scripture that she was standing on from Romans, and I read her mine:

Ephesians 6:10-17.  All the praise for all things goes to HIM.

May your weekend and next week be filled with blessings.

From our hearts and home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

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