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Okay, Maybe They Fixed It.

Or, maybe I just didn’t watch long enough.

What am I talking about?  Sorry, I thought you were here for my rant yesterday.

I’m talking about Hallmark skipping out on Thanksgiving.  But they MUST have read my post–because today–as pretty as you please, The “16 DaYs until ThanksGiving” notice popped up!  That’s good…’cuz my next step was to write a letter.

(Kidding–I’m not a letter writer [any more]–unless it’s to encourage a down-hearted friend) 

(This was while I was ironing….just in case you wondered—and YES…I am an ironer…of pillowcases, top sheets, and tablecloths–but no, I don’t want to iron your tablecloths.)

Now–on to the REASON for this post.  I have to tell you about a little boy I saw a couple Sundays ago.  I don’t remember his name, since I didn’t get to meet him–but God knows his name–and the precious heart of his!

The picture is not as clear as I wish–but his heart for Jesus rang out clear and strong!

He attends my daughter, April’s church and she said he is a light and delight!  His smile is so contagious!  I just wanted to run over there and squeeze him, but since I was a perfect stranger, I didn’t want to scare him–so I refrained the “Nana” instincts rising up in me!
That Sunday, God filled that place with His mighty presence–and this little fellow felt it as the children sang a powerful song about F-A-I-T-H!

The blurriness of the photo is due to his movements–he was moving his little arms and head with the music! 

Can I ask you a question?  Do we do that?  Are we that excited about serving and KNOWING Jesus Christ?

Amie C. is our worship leader—Holy Spirit lead and Spirit filled.  It is obvious too!  Under the anointing of the LORD, singing His praises, the hands go up and the Spirit fills the house–and the believers who open their hearts to HIM.  However, if you don’t open your heart and mind to Him—He is not going to invade the land.  YOU must desire HIM —Jesus Christ—above ALL ELSE!  THEN—the blessings and anointing fall.  Case in point:  This past Sunday.  Thank YOU JESUS for that powerful move of YOUR Presence.

I have come to realize more and more as the days and weeks pass me by—I want Jesus—MORE than anything else in this world.  I want His presence, His anointing, His power to flow through me than ever before.  There are things to be done–lives to reach for Him–as time is running out.  There are those my path has crossed recently that are DOING all they can for Jesus.  I want to be in that number of “doers”. 

So–I leave you with this today:  Do you like football?  Do you get excited when your team scores?  IF you answered yes–I just have to ask one more —do you get that excited about seeing God changing hearts and lives?  Do you get excited about singing HIS praises and worship?

Friends, we have A LOT to be THANKFUL for and to get excited about!  We are running the last lap of the race!

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2 thoughts on “Okay, Maybe They Fixed It.”

  1. You sure you haven't heard my husband preach? HA HA, He says the same thing in the pulpit about how we all can hoot and hollar for our football team, but just can't get excited about what Jesus is doing in our lives. Time to wake up!!
    You didn't leave a comment on the post the preachers wife. I had a moment in case you couldn't tell!

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