Saturday with Us!

Okay. This is a BIG TIME first.

Get in the truck with me and Aimee and hit the road for Milton, FL. But first we will stop off in Bonifay and pick up Mother. (First time we had to wait on her! We were EARLY!)

But that’s not the BIG TIME FIRST.

The big time first is the fact that I’m letting you ride! I think we will all fit. I’m a truck lover. I don’t get to drive it everyday–since it is Jeff’s and all…but since the fellow is busy “missionarian” in a far away place–I’m taking liberties. 70 mph liberty. (ONLY on the interstate.)

Buckle up!

As you go through the slide show–I have set it NOT on auto play. It will begin when YOU say so.

Aimee and I left around 7ish to get Mother (knowing we had to make a gift pit-stop for a card for a grandson’s birthday) and we “waited” patiently on getting our coffee. Patiently.

After we are all settled in the truck we set out. Oooh. Almost forgot. Aimee prayed first–then I prayed–and asked the LORD to give us a surprise today–I told Him we would be looking–with our eyes and hearts wide open for whatever it would be. He does not disappoint.

We made our first stop at the grand kids. Visiting with daughter and children was most fun–but we didn’t stay long! Get yourself BACK in the truck! We have stuff to DO!

I check my watch as we enter the most delightful antique store! Almost lunch. Didn’t I JUST read a sign that said “Piano Dining”? Or something like that! Anyway, we file in. My eyes are peeled for the “treasure” that I know God will surprise us with!

The FIRST items we saw–AT the door we came in no less–were these darling bunnies!

I thought–THAT was the surprise! Since, if you know us, and knew our sister, Wanda, then you knew she collected bunny rabbits! However; this, I soon learned, was not the surprise.

Fast forward to browsing the the entire store and then deciding this was a great place to settle in for lunch. As we wandered up to the front area of the incredible establishment, we happened to see the baby grand piano about the same time as a man and his young daughter were wandering over.

I got Aimee to pose by the piano and took her picture–she did the same for me. We are odd like that. Taking odd pictures at odd times. But that’s us. A bit odd. ūüôā (smiling big)

As the man walked over and made a comment about us playing the piano I quickly said–“oh I don’t play–do you?”

“A little” was his reply.

“By all means, play us something”! (I am rather bossy at times)

As he sat down and struck a few notes on the shiny black and white keys, I felt a flutter–this was no “a little” pianist. He could play. Really play.

Aimee asked him quickly after he started playing something I recognized as an old country western song if he could play “Amazing Grace”.

Oh mercy. If you could have heard that. Sent a chill bump of heaven washing over my skin. He only played a little of it–I think he felt it too. We applauded. There were other guests in the restaurant by this time and they joined in the clapping of happy hands at the wonderful music that this “true musician” brought forth from the large black box of strings and keys.

I felt immediately as I sat enjoying the sounds, there is much to this man’s story. We enjoyed the melodies–recognizing all of the old tunes of¬† country music past. As he got up, he and his daughter,¬†Cameron Aubrey¬†stopped and we¬†talked briefly with her as she told us what her plans was for the day–it was evident¬†she was very happy about spending some “daughter-daddy” time.¬†¬†¬†As we told him thank you, I felt an immediate stirring. There was something I was to do.

“But what if he thinks I’m crazy Lord?” Why do I wrestle with that? That should not be a concern when the Father hands out an instruction!¬† Yet, still I seem to struggle with that!

I heard the door in the back of the building open as their voices trailed out. I got up in a hurry, grabbed one of my cards and rushed to the back entrance where they had just exited. He was already rounding the corner and I did the country girl thing. I hollered.

“Hey wait!”

He turned around and then came up to the edge of the porch where I was standing, his little girl close beside him. I looked him square in the face and said this:

“Every time my mother and sister have a day “out” we always give it to God. We prayed this morning and told the Lord we would be looking for a surprise from Him today. You were that surprise. Your music was incredible. A gift. Thank you for playing for us.”

I wanted to cry at that point, but reigned it in. There was much in his life I felt in my heart. He told me of his parents and his heritage of Gospel Music. I knew. God also knows. 

I almost¬†felt as¬†if I were looking into the eyes of a one-time¬†Prodigal.¬† Being one myself–I can recognize them¬†sometimes.¬† Where we are, where we’ve been–and where we are headed God alone knows the full picture.

Friends, I don’t know about you today–but my heart continually seeks Him. What can I do for Him today?–and What is He trying to show me? and Are my eyes¬†focusing on the present? –Or, perhaps too busy either looking at the past–or worrying about the future.

Where are you today? Do you feel lost? Lonely? Friendless?

Let me tell you of the One who is ALWAYS there. Always. Never leaves our side–paints a sunrise and sunset for you every-single-day. Blows on the leaves and makes them rustle in the trees. All that for you. And me.

Never doubt His love. He walked up a long -hard- difficult hill for us. And I for one will be forever grateful.

“Long before God laid down earth’s foundations, He had me in mind, had settled on me as the focus of His love, to be made whole and holy by His love. Long, long ago He decided to adopt me into His family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure He took in planning this!) He wanted me to enter into the celebration of His lavish gift-giving by the hand of His beloved Son.” Ephesians 1:4-6 (THE MESSAGE)

The “me” in that passages represents YOU. Isn’t it wonderful to be loved like that!

A surprise is waiting for you too.

Are you looking?

By the way, I received permission from Mr. Kenny McGhee for this posting!  I hope you enjoyed going with us!  We loved having  you along!  What fun!!

AND if you are one of the ones signed up and paid up for the Sisters Retreat next month–this is a sampling of our fun! ūüėČ

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