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Day 2-Peru!

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Today–much work was done. These guys are tired! Jeff said they have been fed very well by the church ladies!

Tomorrow they will be in church service with the people they are working with in the afternoon and evening. Continue in prayer for the men–I imagine they will have some interesting things to tell us when they get home. I wouldn’t want to spoil any of their “sharing enjoyment”. Pray for them. God is faithful–and what they experience there this week will impact them for the future work that God plans for many of them.

(If I’m not making much sense—I am a bit tired. I spent the day with mother and Aimee–and the LORD gave us a sweet surprise. I will tell you about it later tomorrow. Must get sleep now. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Day 2-Peru!”

  1. I am enjoying these updates sis, prayers continue for them. Glad they are being fed well, they are feeding others as well with the words and works of God. Looking forward to hearing about your sweet surprise sis. I love you.

  2. And what a worthy reporter you are!

    I read over both Peru-related posts. What an undertaking! It always does my heart good to hear about such outreaches to be God's hands and feet in a foreign place. And certainly the Blogosphere is as foreign as any. So you go girl!


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