Ministry, Mission Trip



I can’t say it either—but it is in Honduras.  THAT one I can say.

I am traveling with my home folks of Carmel 2010-06-23 Summer Camp at Nanas 2010 010Assembly of God Church and working with the Mission of Mercy team.

So friends….when you think of me next week, please say a prayer. 

I HOPE to blog from there—so come on back –I’ll take you on my FIRST plane ride! EVER!  Get your gear ready…you’re only allowed one suitcase!  Be ready to leave next Friday!  (bloggywise of course!)

Following Him,


9 thoughts on “Destination…Tegucigalpa”

  1. I will certainly be praying for you as you go out on this adventure with our Amazing God!! May you bless as you are blessed, asking God for Peace and protection as you and this team minister in His Name!!

  2. How exciting! Will be praying for you and the team. Looking forward to reading about God's work in and through you all.


  3. Angie,

    Will pray for you. May the Lord bless all your endeavors for His glory.

    Your first plane ride? Have fun. I use to fly (as in pilot) a plane, well, was going after my pilot's license and had done my solo flight when I was grounded for health reasons. Love to fly as long as I am in the driver's seat. Hmmm…….


  4. Oh Angie , I'd forgot about bloggers until i received your friends request on Fb. good to visi there with you again. Praying for your a safe trip and much accomplishments to the glory of our lord.
    Elsie <><

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