On my morning walks. . . .

Have you ever just “asked” God to show you something neat?
Do you ask expecting? (Luke 11:9)

When I first began walking with my friend and sister-in-Christ, Stacy, I asked God to show me “stuff”.

I asked Him to bring surprises to my eyes that would delight me.

Guess what happened on the 2nd day of walking? The day that we decided to go a bit further.

As we put forth more effort that day, so did He. Since I generally always have my camera
God’s creation posed for me to snap his feathered delights!

Today we met up with our feathered-noisy friend and again, he did a bit of strutting and showing off.
I am incredibly thankful for ALL the glorious things that God shows us and shares with us each day!

So friend….what is He showing you??

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