Let Go

“let go” by Sheila Walsh has been one of the most soul searching encounters I have experienced in years! Burdens are the common denominator of our conversations among women today. From burdens of the past, to burdens of the present, we tend to carry them on our backs like a backpack or have them dangling from our arms, weighing us down like so many grocery sacks. Burdens exist in all of our lives and come in all shapes and sizes.

I found myself digging into my own life, searching out the things I had held far too long. Being forgiven of the sins in my past, I knew I was saved, but there were areas that I had not released the burden of the scar and pain that had been inflicted on my heart and life. I had applied a bandaid, but had not allowed the “Healer” to do the complete work.

By aligning Biblical examples with our day-to-day lives, Sheila shares how God’s Word is clear about the slavery and imprisonment of unforgiveness, fear, temptation, shame and more! Sheila carries the torch to light our way into our complete deliverance! Sharing her own painful personal examples as a guide to show that “we are not alone!” God’s Word is STILL true and powerful and ACTIVE in our lives when we apply the principals and truths found there!

This book is most revealing of our inner heart. Complete with questions at the end of each chapter, followed by a prayer, it would be a great devotional guide for any new believer, as well as those of us who have walked this journey for many years!

If your Women’s Bible Study Group is looking for a book that will lead to deliverance and freedom in Christ…THIS IS IT!

Let Go, by Sheila Walsh, Published by Thomas Nelson


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