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What’s Your Filling?

Donuts. Cookies. Cakes. Pies. Hungry?

These are a weakness of mine.

Donuts—I like the lemon filled best. UNLESS of course you happen to drive by the bright lights of Krispey Kreme and the blazing sign says, “Hot Now”. Right. Then it’s just the glazed ones…oh my lordy-mercy!

But I admit, it’s been a while since I had a donut.

Cookies…white chocolate macadamia nut.

Cakes. Cakes are not my choice dessert. I know. Jeff makes the best cakes in all of the Tri-State area. I said it’s not my top choice…I didn’t say I wouldn’t eat one! I like the Red Velvet cake he makes…and the Butter-Nut. But the man makes a German Chocolate cake that is —oh my stars good! Did I mention he’s mine?

Okay. On to the pies. Pies I love. I love peach, apple, chocolate, LEMON, pecan, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, anything except rhubarb. I like pies.

All of these have a filling. Yummy-to-my-tummy filling. If you cut it, mash it, throw it, stomp it…guess what comes out? Right. The filling shows right away. Oozing and dripping out faster than you can grab a spoon to scoop it up!

What happens when you’re pressed. Stomped? Tossed down like yesterdays newspaper? Your filling…my filling will come forth. Every—single—time.


From the online Blue Letter Bible – 2Cr 4:7-10 (NLT)
“But this precious treasure–this light and power that now shine within us–is held in perishable containers, that is, in our weak bodies. So everyone can see that our glorious power is from God and is not our own. We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed, but we don’t give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going. Through suffering, these bodies of ours constantly share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies.”

Hard Pressed on every side. Yet not destroyed. This entire chapter is special to me. I have read it over and over and it ministers every time. To whatever need I have.

Can we seek to be so filled with Jesus Christ that no matter what happens in our lives of dailyness…that He just oozes out all over everyone—and everywhere? I know that dailyness is not a word, but I think it fits here. Can I just add that to your vocabulary? I have a t-shirt from Mary Englebriet that states, “Life is Just So Daily”.

To me that says it’s FULL. Of stuff that you might not expect. Jesus should be found in the daily of our existence. Not just on Sundays! In the Monday-Saturday too!

So…what’s your filling?


Pictured are Aunt Evielean’s Special Cookies from the 2007 Sister’s Retreat! It’s a Tradition.

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10 thoughts on “What’s Your Filling?”

  1. Oh….this was good! Overflowing with the Spirit until it has to go somewhere and spread to those around you….love the imagery! I treasure those moments when I feel His presence so mightily, this earthly shell seems to burst at the seams…

    BTW….Krispy Kreme is my downfall…I am SO thankful we don’t have a shop in our town. They are a rare indulgence.

  2. Ooooo, what a “sweet” reminder!

    I couldn't help but recall the scripture that tells us that it is from the abundance of our hearts that the mouths speaks (Luke 6:45). So I'll have my filling light & fluffy, rich.

    Now I'm hungry for berry pie … with ice cream!


  3. Oh my, I’m feeling hungry right now LOL! I love lemon meringue pie! Yummy!

    I love how you write this post! We would certainly be living to the fullest with Jesus filling it!

  4. Hey YOU! I’ll take one of those chocolate chippers in the pic!! OH YEAH!!

    Listen I came by to scrub the tub, but noone must have been napping…well, you needed your rest!:) I’ll try again!:)

    Do me a favor…download…it’s free and we’ll start there…it’s the simplest way of doing an image..and I KNOW you like simple, am I right???


    I’m so happy you are feeling better!! AMEN!! Delaney had a sore throat at the beginning of the week…allergy stuff!

    Love ya!!

  5. Oh you are so wrong for making all of those calories so spiritual! LoL

    I’m kidding. Really, I love that about you. You have such an ability to take the everyday and see God’s hand in it and bring forth word from it.

    love you, lady!

  6. My BSF teacher in Virginia would say that we are like a teacup and whatever we’re filled with is what sloshes out when we get bumped. Sadly, too often fleshly-Jennifer sloshes out when I get bumped. ICK!

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