Thankful Thursday

I have MORE blessings than I can count. I’m not bragging….just being truthful.

So do you.

Think about it. Did you read this? Well? Thankful #1. You could see. Thankful #2 You can read. If someone read this aloud to you, then there’s Thankful #3—you can hear.

A minor traffic mishap of a nephew made me thankful. No one was hurt. The driver of the other vehicle—the one that caused the mishap had no legs.

Did you blink? Yeah, me too. The accident didn’t cause his legs to “not be there”—they weren’t there before. He was driving with 2 sticks. I have a hard time picturing this—and this disturbed the nephew much more than the accident itself I think.

But there you go. If you drive using both legs—and both arms—both eyes and both ears…—shoot—if you can DRIVE there’s a miracle to be thankful for all in itself! But–back the things we were naming….the legs? Arms?—Right. Thankful #’s 4 and 5. We can go ALL DAY at this. I am sure you are now getting the point.

There are things all around us that are blessings poured straight into our lives from the very throne! Thankfuls.

I’ve not been here on Thankful Thursday for several weeks. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped being thankful. I’m VERY thankful….just been very busy. Bogged down. Sort of. Not in the mud mind you…but in life itself.

But God is good. Oh, Sisters…so very good!

On Monday of this week as I drove my 42 miles one way—the weather was ripe for a tornado. And it happened. Not near me—but at my mother-in-law’s house. While they were sleeping.

The pretty pear tree in the picture was laid over on the house, a huge cedar tree fell against the back of the house—right over where they were sleeping. THANKFULLY—the roof did not collapse. However, many shingles were ripped off the roof and soon the roof began to leak—and then soon the water caused the ceiling to give way in the dining room and other rooms. BUT—no one was hurt.

The picture was taken just last week. Who would have known that in just a few short days…the landscape would totally change.

That happens in our lives as well. As circumstances become difficult—the landscape of our lives can become a veritable misshapen disaster area. But if GOD was the one in charge of our lives, then no amount of storm or wind will uproot our hearts from the foundation of faith.

I know. Lived this one out. More than once.

Look around you today. I encourage you to write down some things that you notice—be thankful. Share those thankful thoughts with someone else. Visit Laurie at Women Taking a Stand to read MORE thankful hearts!


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