More Max!

He might LOOK innocent….but he’s not completely. I normally don’t have shoes out….but these were out by accident…he found them. I took it away…and put it back…he trotted in there and got it again. Trotted to the living room…I snapped his picture….and then put my shoe back up. He trotted right behind me, snatched it up and ran RIGHT back to the same spot and commenced his chew.

Yes, I have chew toys for the rascal. Yes, I have now put my shoes away. No, I didn’t spank him. No, he’s never left in a room alone. (I was born, but not yesterday!)

He thought we were playing a game…he is learning to fetch…and he is VERY good! He’s just not keen on releasing it yet.

Susan wanted more pictures of him…how’s this Susan??? Will it do for now???


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