Keep Coloring

“My thoughts are completely different from yours,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT

As Aimee was driving home one day following the conversation Mark had with Victoria, she began to do something we both do while driving on a daily basis – talk to the Lord.

Victoria’s words kept ringing in her ears, “Daddy, I can’t see the lines”. With her own eyes flooded with tears, she began to cry out to the Lord. Prayerfully, her heart repeated, “Father, I can’t see the lines”. As she wiped her eyes and as her heart ached inside her chest with such an unspeakable pain, Aimee knew she would miss Wanda, and the sharp reality of losing Wanda was almost more than she could bear. More than any of us could bear.

“Lord, I can’t see the lines on this road”, was Aimee’s heart cry that day. There have been many battles—where we have each one been so blinded by the tears in our eyes and the undeniable pain in our hearts that we simply can’t see the lines to stay straight in the road. We ask many times, “what are You doing here God. None of this makes any sense”.

On that day, while traveling that road, Aimee heard the still small voice speak in her heart these words, “Daughter, it’s okay. Just keep coloring”.* God calms the aching heart we just have to listen. His Word is the balm for the hurting soul. We just have to read it. His love is ever reaching, ever loving–and ever offering all the hope we need to keep trusting. We just have to accept it.

When you reach a place, in the picture of your life where things just don’t seem to make sense, keep coloring.

When you are trying to do everything you know to do, and you are unsure of the “outcome”, keep coloring.

When you are on the road that you have never traveled before, maybe it’s the road of severe circumstance, keep going.

Don’t stop.

Do the necessary.

Keep trusting.

Stay on the believing path.

Adjust your mirrors if you must, and wipe your eyes if necessary. But, don’t stop. He will help you see the lines. Just keep coloring, and soon God’s picture will glow in brilliant colors for you.


*The conversation with the Father was shared to me by Aimee. She has a gift for sharing God’s love–just as she has received it…freely. She writes devotional blogs on the Sisters of Faith site….when she has time. As busy wife, mother, and pastoring along side her husband, she juggles her job as a nurse and weekend Sunday School Teacher, amid all the hustle bustle of church life. Thank you Aimee for being the best baby sister anyone could ever dream up!

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10 responses to “Keep Coloring

  • Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience

    Dearest Angie…Sister. That you would invite us to share in this intimate, heart rendering journey. That you would minister to us in such a tender way, Angie.Reading through each of these luminous posts, I bask in the Light of Jesus, the light of Wanda’s life… reflecting His. Thank you for warming chilled ones…Angie? You honor Wanda’s life. And God.Can one do anything more?Well done, good and faithful servant.I load much love on the backs of these words, pray that they carry the overflow of my heart to you… that you are swept away in the deluge.You are loved, Angie…Ann

  • Joanne@ Blessed...

    Just beautiful Angie. These words will be more precious than gold to Wanda’s baby girl someday.I still remember reading these chapters for the first time. I was in the Charlotte airport, waiting to board my plane home. Tears streamed down my’s not much different today.Hugging your neck tonight,Joanne

  • Kathy S.

    I love how the Lord speaks to us. Especially in times like this. I love the new look of your blog too Angie!

  • Robin

    Ah Angie – such beautiful and honoring words for your sister. As I was reading them, the thought came to my mind that wouldn’t it be fun to get to Heaven at the same time as you so I could watch your reunion with Wanda! What a blessing that would be.You have honored her well and I know she is very proud of you today. Blessings to you.

  • Linda

    Wonderful, Godly wisdom Angie. I believe He never asks us to walk through these difficult places alone. He is always there. He promises to hold our hand as we go.Your testimony brings such honor and glory to the Lord, and it inriches the lives of everyone who reads it.

  • Mary

    Love the new blog look and what a wonderful devotion — keep coloring. How precious and awesome is the Lord we serve.

  • Michele Williams

    God is always with us… Thank you for the reminder. Another beautiful post. Love you…

  • Michele Williams

    God is always with us… Thank you for the reminder. Another beautiful post. Love you…

  • Marsha

    This is not the end of the story, only the beginning. Keep writing legacy stories for Victoria so she will know her Mommy through your words. Praying for you, even now in the wee hours.

  • ktwalden

    All I can say is….<><>beautiful!<><>I am going to sharpen my crayons now….

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