90 Days with Jesus Bible Study

Day Eighty-One

Luke 22:47-62

My heart is purely breaking. Right now at this point, I can identify with Peter. I can see him in my minds eye…because I can relate his circumstance to places in my life. Long Distance Christianity. Let’s follow, but not so close as to be noticed. Let’s make sure that we still have the “look” of the world, so as not to be confused with those full of religion.

That’s sort of like going to Sunday School and Morning Worship but only because it is our “habit“, not because it is a desire or love. The message of the morning may make it all the way back to the car you drove in on….or perhaps, maybe even back to your kitchen sink. But somewhere along the way, life will eventually happen and, ooops! We find ourselves acting and reacting just like the world. I should know. It’s been my tale.

I concur with what Beth said, “in me dwells no good thing.” And for that reason, I have had to make serious adjustments in my life. Otherwise, flesh rules. I told Jeff sometime in the week after Wanda’s funeral, “my life will never be the same. There will be some changes. Things you may notice, or not notice. But I will never be the same.” I reiterated that to him on Wednesday night before church over a “diet coke” at McDonald’s.

Life is about to get harder for everyone. No one will be exempt from trouble. (John 16:33) Buckle your seat baby, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Christ wants a Bride that is daily and continually preparing herself for HIM. There is a couple that is planning their wedding in the early part of next year. Aimee and I are close to them, and we have discussed their actions and how sweet they seem. I reflected on the actions and adoring glances of the bride to her groom. How she conducts herself, and the anticipation of the wedding for them. The daily preparations. The care and attention given to each detail. WE SHOULD BE AS SUCH FOR OUR GROOM!

“When we tiptoe to keep from being too obvious —or to obscure ourselves in safe places and remain unidentifiable, we are already bounding toward denial.” Beth hit a sharp place with that statement. But true.

Following Him at a distance, as to not be noticed by others, may keep us from being noticed by Him. What do you think? I told Jeff during our conversation over cola’s, in looking back over the past 5 to 10 years of our lives, the feelings I had held onto with a bulldog fierceness, had the Lord Jesus descended the heavens during those days, may have very well left me sitting right in my place at my own dinner table, rather than the marriage supper of the Lamb. I was determined to be mad. I was determined to hold on and not allow Christ to heal the hurt I was feeling toward some that had inflicted pain on dear family members.

We must turn EVERYTHING over to HIM. Not just parts. We cannot afford to follow Him at a distance. We must give Him our all…and do all we can for Him! Time is running out. And I don’t mean in just this Bible Study. The rest of my days will be lived for Him. Doing all I can, acting on His instruction as best I can, serving Him. No more long distance relationships. It must be all or nothing. If we are lukewarm…you’ve read it yourself (Revelation 3:16), “He will spit us out of His mouth.” Spit us far from Him—as something with a bad taste! The NKJV says “vomit“. The epitome of nasty, that is for sure!

I don’t know about you sisters, but I am listening and looking! I told mother this week, in discussing some “family issues”, we must be as in Nehemiah’s days, working with a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other. This life demands it!

My Christian walk requires structured study. Like we have participated in. I MUST have it. I can’t just be like, “I’ll read a bit here…a bit there”…while that can be fine for some, I must have things structured. I have grown more in these past 90 days than I ever imagined. I intend to keep growing!

Father God, I count it a privilege to live and serve You! I am honored to be Your daughter! Keep my life in line with Your word! May You find me working diligently when the trump is sounded! Ready to go! That is my desire! In Jesus holy name~Amen.

Let’s begin our day with an old song that has such sweet words, and many of the pictures in the slideshow are the very ones that we used!

Keeping the Faith,


Sisters, have a blessed, joy-filled day in Christ! We love you! By the way, join me in wishing our sweet Denise a very Happy Birthday! If you have time, pop over to her blog for a visit! You will be blessed!

3 thoughts on “Day Eighty-One”

  1. Thank you dear Angie. I praise God for allowing you, and sweet Aimee to speak to my heart through this study. His coming will be soon, and I want Him to find me busy for Him. I do not want to sit by, while others around me are busy about the Kingdom business. I want to be busy for my King also. I love You my dear King.

  2. Oh Angie, I can't tell you what this post which truly shows your heart for God means to me.

    “I have grown more in these past 90 days than I ever imagined. I intend to keep growing!”

    All I can say dear sister is me too, me too…

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