Thankful Thursday and Happy Birthday Denise!!

Thankful Thursday is a special day! It is incredible what God is doing among us!

My heart is overflowing with His goodness! I choose to seek Him—and leave the problems. I choose to celebrate friends and their encouraging ways…I choose to seek Him in His word! I choose joy—in the midst of problems—I choose Christ.

A message and cake for Denise of ShortyBear’s Place…
You are a treasured friend…

A blessing to hundreds!—Thousands!

I am blessed to know you! I pray that the Lord fills your day with delights, surprises, joys and healing!

Ladies, I have to tell you again, if you have the opportunity to get the Bible Study book, 90 Days with the One and Only, get it. Do the study on your own. I cannot express how it has affected my heart and life in these past 81 days. We’ve not many more to go. I am looking forward with GREAT anticipation to what HE guides us to next! You will find me on the Sisters of Faith site today—Thursday.

Be encouraged sisters, when the news spills it’s gloom and doom of the day…look toward the sky, push the hair behind your ears to hear better….is that Gabriel beginning to blow?

I love you all! I look forward to a great reunion in heaven….a special time of gathering for those blogging hard for Christ Jesus!

Thank you Iris for taking us to the place of testifying for Christ! Visit Iris for more thankful hearts!

He is MORE than enough for ME! Praise Him today—on this Thankful THURSDAY!

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