For everything God does…

The enemy of your lives wants to discourage you in your firm walk—your journey with HIM. On Friday evening when I arrived home from work…I discovered the home computer, which had just been taken to the “shop” for a repair, was stolen from our vehicle from a parking lot at the Vanity Fair Lee Jeans outlet. YUP. You read right. Small towns are not exempt from crime. From the enemy. The computer was not the big issue—it was the baby pictures that made me cry so long.

I didn’t sleep well on Friday night and went to the laundry room to pray and just “whine” about it to God. I have been His daughter long enough that I know that He can do ANYTHING. While I have no idea if His anything will involve enough remorse for the thief to return it…but what I do know—it did not catch God by surprise.

In the everyday of our lives, we are caught off guard by circumstances and situations continually, but God is not. As our days dawn and begin to unfold as a flower in the sunlight, our lives do as well—each taking on the fragrance of Him—when we live to serve Him.

As I told the ladies on Thursday night, Jesus said in John 16:33 that “in this world we will have troubles, but take heart—I have overcome the world.”—-so the troubles need not to surprise us…my Father knows all things we have need of.

Thank you all again for praying for me!

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9 responses to “For everything God does…

  • Denise

    I am sorry about this dear sis, praying for you. I love you.

  • 2nd Cup of Coffee

    Oh, I am so sorry to read this. That is just heartbreaking. I’m praying that somehow your pics are recovered and that your heart will heal from this offense. I’m just SO sorry.

  • Melanie

    I’m so sorry about the pictures, Angie! I know how valuable those are… for me, much more valuable than even the computer.

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Oh, Angie, I cry with you. There is nothing worse than losing pictures. Well there is, but you know what I mean. The pictures from the last three years of my life are in the hands of another and I’ve been unable to retrieve them. I will try again some day, maybe. You are so right He can do anything. It’s so hard to know if our desire is one of the things He will do. Love,Paula

  • Julie

    Oh, my dear friend….. I know how you feel…though my computer was stolen physically, it was shut down when it was accidentally dropped. I have grieved over the loss of the data for days…. and am slowly adjusting…Hurting with you!Hugs,Julie

  • Gail W.

    Angie-baby! I’m so sorry to hear about this loss. I’m praying your computer literate family and friends can replace some of the stolen photos – somehow, I’m guessing you may have sent out one or two of them along the way! Love you, Beautiful Sister!!!

  • Chris

    Oh Angie…How awful! You are in my prayers. I pray that your computer is recovered and the pictures restored. In Jesus’ holy name I pray!

  • Jennifer

    These are the times you want to shake your fists in the air and scream “this is not fair!” I feel so bad for you.

  • Technonana

    You are so right My Sister, He Already Knew!! And He can and will take care of you and this situation!! Karen’s home was broken in to on Thursday… freaky thing is they didn’t take anything! Nothing, Nada, which is really freaking her out!! We have done somethings to help with security, but she is still not sleeping well!!Love you!Sharon

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