Prayer is Key

Girls, I just popped over to Lori—my dear friend who I have YET to hug—and she had this link on her blog and invited me to visit another “Angie”. Go over to Bring the Rain and read…soak it in….but above all—pray. There is much to be done—many lives to be touched—reached for God in these last days….and we must pray.

Read her post entitled, “Seven Prayers a Day”. YOU will be blessed!

8 thoughts on “Prayer is Key”

  1. Prayer……….Speaking faith filled words to bring God on the scene……… I spoke to my long time friend and retired pastor today.. Asking about binding and loosing… I am marching up and down the hall and I am binding and I am loosing and I am praying and then I stopped and called her.. wanted to get her imput on what I was speaking the way I was binding and loosing… You might think that was a silly phone call but when lives are at stake and we move into the gap between our loved ones and the enemy we need all the instruction we can get.. She gave me a few tips and they were good! This is the day in which we were created for and the light that is within is will bring forth children into the kingdom! Pray on sister, pray on………

  2. awwwww…..someday we’ll hug..but for now it’s virtual..and texting..been praying all the while! praying you don’t fall off the stage;)Love you and your AMAZING heart!!peace,lori

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