I forgot to tell you all where I’d be today!

Here! At the Cafe`

I smile even now as I remember her face as I opened the door and the new red car shone like a bright polished apple behind her. You could have lit an entire city from the brilliance of her eyes and smile! I looked in amazement. “Who’s car Wanda?”

“It’s mine!” came the thrilled reply.

I really hope that my amazement…and confusion didn’t register on my face. I have the unfortunate disease called “talking face syndrome”. My face usually tells it like it is, whether my mouth does or not. So when she said that, my mind instantly thought, “But you don’t have a driver’s license.”

However, the mouth said “Wow! It is beautiful!”

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5 responses to “The CAR

  • Technonana

    Oh My Sister!! What a beautiful post!!! I love the thought of clearing out with a friend… that’s what a friend of mine helps me do sometimes, not literally, but spiritually… cleaning my heart and soul of burdens, just by being there and listening… She is A Most Special friend!!Love You… see you soon!!Sharon

  • Paula

    Thank you for a wonderful and timely post! I have made so many new friends online through CWO, Blogger and Facebook, but the Lord put the thought in my mind this morning that I must reach out and spend time with my friends that are here, as they need me too. Your post has come to confirm this as a definite must! Your post is a beautiful story of the love you have for your sister, now with Him, and also for the Lord. We can do all things through Him that strenthens us, that is for certain.I am so glad I ready your post and I hope you have a blessed evening, and weekend.In Him, Paula 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Hey Ang,I never thought of it that way, but I have the same thing. Love the way you put it!Blessings!Cheryl

  • Jensmere

    Hi Angie! I finally got around to checking out your blog and what did I find, but this wonderful story about Wanda and her car. I could just see how her face must have looked and how her eyes twinkled! I remember how proud she felt to own a car and then how hard she worked to get that license!Thanks for stirring a beautiful memory. I was able to smile through tears at the thought that Wanda may just be driving on those streets of gold!Love you, dear one…Susan

  • Kathy S.

    Angie, I HAVE that talking face syndrome too!! Oh wow, never hides a thing…

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