She Speaks/She Writes/She Leads

Calling all praying friends! We are North Carolina bound on Thursday morning of this week! Headed to the She Speaks Conference! This conference offers something for everyone! From Women’s Ministry Leaders, Speakers, Writers, as well as workshops for bloggers!
To read more about She Speaks Conferences (click here).

If you didn’t get the information in time this year to make your plans…start planning and saving now for next year!
Can I just say we are excited!!!
So, I won’t be posting any devotions this week in preparation for the coming conference. But we would like to ask you each to pray daily for us. As we prepare, travel and absorb all that God has for us. Pray for traveling mercies and for His direction in our hearts and lives as we lay ourselves before Him daily to be used for His glory!
We love you all!

9 thoughts on “She Speaks/She Writes/She Leads”

  1. Oh Angie, Have a wonderful time. I can feel the excitement right through the computer screen. I won’t say I’m jealous (that would be wrong 🙂 )-but I sure do wish I could tag along.I’ll be praying for everyone involved. Come back renewed, refreshed and with great “stuff” to share!

  2. What a trip you will have… You and Aimee have a great GOD time…I will so be praying for you both…….. I will have my Mylogram (sp) thursday so I would love for you to remember me that day…… Thanks for the card……God always knows when we need a touch of love………… Hugs

  3. One more thing…I was perusing blogs and read a comment from one gal who will be there this week, she said that she is calling it the“She Listens” conference.I just LOVED that.

  4. You are certainly on top of my prayer list this weekend, my sweet friend. I know that you won’t get this comment until you check (hopefully at ‘She Speaks’)…I certainly will pray about next year – maybe we can meet than 🙂((((hugs)))) and sweet blessings from AZ…

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