Tuesday—In "other" words—on Purity

Loni, of “Joy in the Morning”, has chosen the following timely message:

We women must realize how visual men are, and because of that we should wear modest clothes. Not because we don’t have the right to wear what we want, but for the benefit of the spiritual life of our brothers in Christ.

~ Heather Arnel Paulsen ~
Emotional Purity:
An Affair of the Heart

This goes with something I hear frequently on the Focus on the Family radio program. I will tell you right up front, I was brought up to dress modestly. My mother made almost everything I wore. But I also learned by example. Coming from a heritage of godly women, I was blessed beyond measure by the examples that were set before me. I am thankful for each of my grandmothers, my mother, as well as her sisters.

It was difficult in bringing up girls to keep them in line with what I believed to be appropriate. Pressure to “show more” than necessary is everywhere you turn. Teaching them that “showing more” tells a lot about the inside of the person. It is apparent to me, that some women seem unaware of the “disturbance” their clothing or rather, lack of, causes. I say that simply because every part of the world is different and hold a different view on such things. I cannot judge their heart. Only God can do that. He can speak to our hearts with such tenderness and mercy that we immediately know “what–and how”. I feel “convicted”, if I can use that term, of shirts or dresses that I feel are too revealing. This “conviction” stems from the way I was raised. I am glad of it though. Every woman has not had that “advantage”.

Girls, we can be cute….and STILL be modest! It may take some searching through the garments on the racks….but it can be done!!

I cannot say anything else that hasn’t already been said….and very well said might I add! Visit each participant from Loni’s site.

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6 responses to “Tuesday—In "other" words—on Purity

  • lori

    Oh wise one…we KNOW it can be done..it may take some searching, but it’s great bonding time!What makes me as sad as seeing the girls dress in ‘less is more’ is seeing the moms.I love all things girl..earrings, clothes, shoes…IT CAN BE DONE! I pray that someday I can be of the ‘generation’ that my great granddaughters talk of and say I am so thankful for the examples before me…just as you have had…how wonderful, it really is passed down.HOWEVER, I stop short of sewing ANY clothes..:) tried it once..and we still have to be seen in public:):)You blessed me as always!loved it! I am so glad you posted!lori

  • Loni

    Thanks so much for sharing Angie and your comment. It meant a lot and I appreciate it! 🙂 If you want to be a part of the book drawing, be sure to mention it on your blog sometime within the next week. I think you will like it!

  • Laurel Wreath

    Amen, Amen!! We can still look great and sassy and be modest at the same time.

  • Julie@Shanan Trail

    <>Teaching them that “showing more” tells a lot about the inside of the person<>I cannot tell you how many times we have had this conversation at our home, but I can tell you if I had a dime for each time it occured… I would be building my dream house!My daughter does not get this. She tells me each time that if someone is going to judge her based on what’s on the outside, she doesn’t want to get to know them anyway.I will patiently keep sending the message. One day ~ in about 20 years she will be saying the same thing to her daughter and will be mortified to realize that she sound just like her mom!

  • Connie@Little Red Hearts From God

    oh such wisdom.. I just wish I could pass onto the youth… Why they dress the way they do is beyond me.. I pray they look back and say, “What was I thinking” but more importantly they remain safe…because it brings on trouble..beautiful post, thank youConnie

  • Nise'

    You are so right…we can be cute but modest! I am so giggling at what Julie@Shanan Trail said about knowing that her daughter will one day say the same things to her daughter and be stunned to know she’s turning into her mother!

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