Life’s Blessings

This morning the Lord invited me to sit in the breeze with Him. On the swing that sways lazily on my patio. The sun was filtered by the canopy of hickory nut trees all around while lacy trendily moss hangs down in shades of gray. Do you have the picture in your mind?

I felt Him near me as the leaves performed a quick dance across the concrete. His breath. His wind. His trees. His season.
In my blood I felt the excitement begin to build as the much anticipated season approached. Fall. Some call it autumn. I call it Fall. Whatever it is to you. It is God’s sweet breath bringing a reprieve from the hot humid summer.

I began to think of my thankful cards. You know. The ones for the “last 100 days” of the year. The things I have to be thankful for would fill more than just 100 days.

As the hickory nuts fall to the ground with a distinctive “plonk”, I realize that many blessings have fallen into our lives much the same way. We may not have realized it at the time….but then some are hidden in their early stages of “blessedness”.

As the traffic behind the house begins to pick up, a lone bird makes a lengthy announcement for his fair feathered friends. Perhaps an invitation. Perhaps a weather warning, or a special news bulletin, or just maybe, he is simply singing his given song to his Creator.

A few responding songs and whistles call out, then they are silent. I have no idea what the message was. But their Creator knows. He gave them voice. He wrote their song.

“Plonk”. More hickory nuts fall as the wind stirs stronger. More blessings fall into our lives. The nuts are not “our” blessings. They belong to others who reside on these grounds with us. The squirrels.

While it is true that squirrels can do extensive damage and should not be considered a blessing, they also perform little acrobatic feats—much to the delight of “young eyes”, who are an absolute blessing. These same acrobatic flips, swings and dances through the trees give me cause to pause. I stop, look and listen. I relax. I breath deeper. I lean my head back on the swing and enjoy the show. Provided completely commercial free by the Great Choreographer of life.

“Plonk”. More blessings. I saw the sights. I heard the sounds. I felt the breeze. I felt the love….of the Creator of all.

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9 responses to “Life’s Blessings

  • ellen b

    What a beautiful expression of God’s love for you. I’m swinging with you. We have so much to be thankful for. Fall blessings on you…

  • eph2810

    Oh, how I wish I would have been there this morning to see the hickory nuts hit the ground 🙂 – It sounds beautiful. We don’t have a true ‘fall season’ here in the SW (well at least not here in the valley – lol).Thank you so much for sharing, Angie 🙂Blessings to you and yours.

  • e-Mom

    “Plonk.” I could see it all, and feel it all. What a lovely post!You might be interested to know that <>Marriage Monday<> has a new home. If you’re planning to post your marriage wisdom any time this week (open topic) I’d love to have you link up at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Chrysalis<>. Blessings, e-Mom

  • Tami Boesiger

    When ya going back out? I’m in!!!

  • Debbie

    I left you an award at my site. Please come on over and check it out.Blessings to you!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Angie Grill,Your Saturday’s post was just for me as each one of your posts seem to be. God has given you a rare gift.Love Mamma Doodle

  • Robin

    What beautiful words Angie that share with all of us the Savior’s love! His blessings are all around us – if only we would notice more.I appreciate your sweet words today. I can hardly wait to send that “email” to you too! But I have a feeling I won’t need email. My joy will be so loud it will be heard everywhere! God IS so good!

  • Lynn

    Angie,This is absolutely beautiful. How I wish I had been sitting there with you in the silence enjoying our Great Choreographer.Oh, thank you for this today.

  • Angela

    What a beautiful expression of your love for God and all of his blessings around you. You have a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing your love for God with others. 🙂May your days be filled with love and laughter!Angela

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