New Steps of Faith!– Oh! The Places We’ve Been!

We’ve not yet been everywhere He intends to take us…but the affects of Cambodia, Honduras, Bolivia will forever be embedded in my heart and life.  

Jeff has ministered and built for the kingdom of God in Alaska, Jamaica, Peru and Bolivia…but we’re not done…there’s more fields to harvest–more work to be done, and we need many hands to do the job!

Every missionary that came through our church doors has pulled at my heart.  I would sit and listen and then my eyes would reveal the condition of my heart. My heart yearned to walk with them.  Talk one-on-one with them, in their location.  On the very soil where their hearts were changed.  And it happened again and again–and we admitted we were no longer satisfied with “just” doing the every-day-normal routines.  We had to do more.

To find out the “more”…. I’m going to send you on a quick journey.  I’m going to encourage you to pray for us as never before.  I going to squeeze back tears as I reveal what God has so graciously been doing in our lives in the past several months. 

It’s not been a “sudden” decision–it’s been a long waited out–long thought and prayed out decision–only made after several joined with us in prayer and we sought godly counsel over the changes in our lives that would ensue.

I (Angie) left my job in 2010 at the law office to embark on —who knew what–because I felt such a strong call–beckoning–from God I could simply not ignore.  He proved Himself over and over throughout that whole process.

Then, in 2011, God nudged again–to both of us.  It was time to make further changes.  We became part of a wonderful mission minded church and was honored to served as their mission pastors.  Jeff led 4 mission teams to Bolivia, and 2 disaster relief teams to North Alabama after tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods leaving families without homes–or the ability to clean up in the aftermath.  We had great teams.  Hard working teams–who, sought God for direction and financing to be able to join us.  Oh, how grateful we have been for the hands and hearts who have worked along side us–not flinching at the sweat- or the unusual food.  But loving the sight of the change in the lives we sought to help.  And every member of each team is affected.

Fast forward:  2014.  Again we feel God moving and working in our lives–more changes on the horizon.  We enlist some of the same godly counsel to help us pray and seek God’s direction and perfect will for our lives.  Messages from the pulpit, passages of Scripture and words from others align with what is in our hearts.  Change is once again upon us.  This time a bit different.

We have launched a new web/blog site and I would like to encourage you to please sign up for the emails to be slipped right into your inbox.  That will be the best way to stay up with what’s going on in our lives–and the lives of our “team members!”

To see what comes next…go here:

To journey with Christ is the most life changing experience…what you “think” is going to happen, often doesn’t.  

Our focus is set on Him.  We don’t look back at what “was”, but at what He has ahead.  Although we can’t see the future, we know He has a watchful eye on our lives.  Please pray with us, journey with us and listen as He might even be calling you to step out of YOUR comfort zone…and follow Him.

Brothers and sisters, I can’t consider myself a winner yet. This is what I do: I don’t look back, I lengthen my stride, and 14 I run straight toward the goal to win the prize that God’s heavenly call offers in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 3:13-14 GWT

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