Bolivia 2014

I am tired–but so blessed.  So happy.  So “in my spot”.

Not as much the place as the position.  The position of “giving all”.

This has been the most unique year–which I believe God has orchestrated and planned all the details.

How we arrived would be considered by some, nothing short of a miracle…in many cases- it was just that.

Tonight, after a great church service (Jeff preached–Joel translated–a few comical moments–and David and Nolan shared their life changing experience,  I sit back in our room recalling all that God has shown me about me–and the fact that daily we learn more about “us” as a people, and God’s love and grace.

I think it’s a vital part of Christian growth to discover who we are–even in the stuff that’s not attractive…and it’s in those times and places where we allow God to navigate us back in line and give us insight into why and how we do certain things.

Rest assured, the enemy knows our weaknesses and he knows just the nugget to get us distracted and off course…and he will use it in everyone of us–every time.  Anything to thwart God’s plan.

I have heard some amazing stories today.  The interpreter I was going to have was unable to join us–so another one was selected.  Faviana has the most amazing stories–and I   enjoyed hearing each one.  What a loving God–to give us such assignments!  I cannot wait to share with you some of the things she told me….this was truly one of God’s Big Deal Changeroo’s.  I love that about Him.  I’ll share part of her story tomorrow with a picture.

Today we went to Pastor Andy’s church–and I was honored to be able to share the Word.  When Jeff told me I was supposed to preach–it sort of caught me a little off guard–only for a few minutes–then “The Holy Spirit” reminded me that He had already given me a word for today…

I’ll share more of that later, I do want to leave you with a couple of pictures… 🙂  (internet service is extremely slow or I would have uploaded a video I shot today).

For those of you with loved ones here…they are doing well.  The LORD has been amazing.  They will come home different.  They will come home and likely hold you a bit longer…and appreciate the blessings of God with fresh eyes…and I really believe…that some “callings and decisions” are being solidified this week.

Let’s pick this up tomorrow… this chicken has got to get some sleep… (Olivia must be fresh in the morning!–Not to mention Sully!)

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