Key Words

There are times in my day-2-day that my ears and mind is arrested by something someone says, or something I see…

An example (just to let you peek in the box of words), at our annual “Wanda Weekend” last year, mother’s words one morning over coffee and devotions- with the sound of the waves colliding with the shore and the aroma of coffee and salt air mingling in our minds– “It’s time to take flight!” stirred more than my ears to full alert…it stirred my heart.  A secret longing.  More than the “Be all you can be” quote by a dedicated military force, it woke me from a contemplative state that morning into wide awake.

It happens often.  I take note, write it down, and talk to God about it.

Saturday it happened again.  I saw a sign in a field on my way to spending more than I needed to for things we will consume and forget…I saw a sign.  A sign that reminded me of the brevity of this existence—and the surety of His words to believers.

I stopped on the side of the road and snapped it with my phone.

When you make up your mind, call:

HIM.  Of course there was a phone number listed which I marked out–but to call Jesus…no phone is necessary.

Your call will not get dropped.

He is never out of range.

Call on HIM today….He’s COMING SOON.

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