Footwear of the South

I really ENJOY shoe shopping. Yet, my closet is not over run with shoes.

My daughters love shoe shopping even more! Their closets are over run with shoes. (mainly because I think they still have the ones they bought in high school.

I love the feel and look of a new shoe that has all the right qualities:

1) Is it cute?

2) Does it make my legs look good? Younger? (That’s the question women of my age always ask…about EVERYTHING.)

3) Are they comfy? (My daughter, April told me once while we were shopping together, and she was trying (successfully) to convince me to buy a certain pair of heels–that were a bit–just a tiny bit uncomfortable. Her motto is: “Sometimes you gotta go through a little pain to be beautiful.”

4) Could I run in them if I had to? (That’s not a requirement, but it does help)

5) Can I get by with crackers and peanut butter in order to buy them? (I have never asked myself that–but I think some women may have…) The right question—will they fit in the budget this month…or do we need to wait?

I’ll go ahead and tell you–cowboy boots are my favorite shoes of all time.

Yes, I love some cute sandals…but I’m a lover of cowboy boots. If I could, I’d have a pair in all colors!

After typing all of this…I sat back and wondered…why in the world did we just discuss shoes? (Shoulder shrug)…no clue.

BUT I hope you have a GREAT—weekend! And get yourself some nice cowboy boots. YOU will be GLAD you did!

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One response to “Footwear of the South

  • Karen

    What a cute post! I never have worn cowboy boots but my hubby loves them…and one of our boys wore his with shorts way back many summers ago…sweet memories…

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