The Sisters of Faith Bible Study Give-Away!

For our sweet sister-participants…you know who you are—Denise O., Denise W., Bernadine, Gail, Janice and Regina! We are having a give-away and YOU are included! Girls, you may not have met Janice–but she was a participator of the study daily—but she had trouble with the commenting portion—but she checked in with Aimee weekly on the study.

We are so thrilled that you could join us! We had a couple share with us they enjoyed reading along as they could and several were already involved in a study elsewhere…that is okay! What matters is that we are each digging in to HIS WORD!

We are going to have a video taped drawing for the prize of a gift basket of goodies! Aimee is preparing the basket of a book (details forthcoming); and an assortment of goodies—I really want it to be a surprise! (Can you actually BELIEVE I am going to TRY to keep a secret??)

The drawing will be held next week and you will be notified of your ‘win’ by e-mail and on the Sisters of Faith site, as well as my personal blog, Knightly News!

Sisters, we would be amiss if we didn’t thank each of you for praying for us during Thanksgiving. You knew how difficult this first Thanksgiving would be without Wanda. Christmas will be as well, but we draw strength from your prayers and our faith in HIM.

We love you dearly!

Keeping the Faith,

Angie and Aimee

P.S. I need to know if you have your own Sisters of Faith T-Shirt. I think I have mailed everyone their size. PLEASE let me know via e-mail (av_knight (@) hotmail (dot) com

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