Day Eighty-Eight

Happy Thanksgiving all you sweet friends!!! May your day be filled with His bountiful blessings. I’m so glad you came to join us for a few minutes out of your day. If you are like me, it is a busy one, filled with lots of traveling, cooking, visiting family, and eating. We’ll diet Monday, right?! Our Bible study will soon be coming to a close and I’ll say I have loved it! I have enjoyed getting to study more about Jesus. Let’s continue on today with Beth on: “Snapshots with Jesus.”

Read Luke 24:13-35
Angie and Grandbuddy are the camera crew in our family. They are always making pictures at our family get-togethers and I’m so glad they do. We have some very special family memories captured. What about God’s family photo album? Like Beth said, “We can look back and see all the times Christ was there and we didn’t even know it.” He is not the news reporter with the “Heaven’s Gates Post” or the “Daily Christian’s Life Chronicle” waiting for us to goof up, but He is holding the special memory album for us to see Him with us in our everyday snapshots.

This time of year people are eager to have their children’s picture made with Santa or themselves with Santa. Makes me wonder, “If people knew Jesus was ready to have them in His picture, how eager would they be?” Would they be so eager to show it to others or would they poke it down in the bottom of their picture box, not wanting friends or co-workers to see?

Have you been away from Him so long you have forgotten what He looks like or would you immediately recognize Him? It took two walking on the road to Emmaus time to recognize Him. We get so caught up in our on cares and concerns that we forget He is there with us. I would have loved to hear Jesus expounding on the scriptures like He did with those two followers. He took out time for them, and came right to where they were to share His presence with them. He loves us and wants to share His presence with us. What kind of pictures does He have to share with us or snapshots?

I see the astonishment on the Emmaus fellow’s faces when they finally recognized Him. I picture them with eyes as big as saucers. I imagine they thought, “It’s Him… It is true!!!” Were they not as close to Him in the past as they should have been to recognize Him? I pray I would. I want to even know my Lord’s whispers. I believe this closeness only comes with spending time together. Spend some time- extra time thanking Him today for who He is and what He has done.

Join us here tomorrow with Angie with Day Eighty-Nine, “A Frightening Peace.” I love all you dear sisters!

Heavenly Father, I come to you today thanking you for sharing your “One and only” Son with us. You’ve opened the album for us all to see. Thank you for your love for us, and I want to say that I love you with all my heart. I’m thankful for this time with you today. Help us all continue to grow in you, mold us and shape us in the women of God you would have us to be. May this devotion today remind us that you are always with us, even when we are unaware. In Jesus’ name I pray–Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


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3 responses to “Day Eighty-Eight

  • Denise

    Thank You Lord for always walking with me, I love You. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends, be blessed.

  • Angie

    I don't want Him hidden in my life—I want Him to be all that is seen and heard! This was just RIGHT Aimee!

    Denise—we LOVE you! I hope your Thanksgiving day is filled with all the blessings of the Father!

    Gail, Regina, Denise W. and Bernadine—girls…I wish you could sit around our table with us today! BUT soon girls—so very soon we will meet in heaven—if we don't get the opportunity on this earth! I can hardly wait!!!

  • Bernadine

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies, I hope you all had a blessed day.

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