Extravaganza ends in exhaustion!

Today was a day filled with chilled air and many activities! I started the morning off with a young fellow waking at an ungodly hour on a Saturday…before 7:00 a.m. Fortunately, he fell back asleep on Papa’s pillow and then when he woke again, “I’m ‘tarvin'” was the words mumbled from his sleepy self.

Since he is the ONLY grandson that does NOT like biscuits, I don’t offer. Instead, he would rather have cereal, oatmeal or pancakes. Cereal was his choice this morning. Easy. With lots of milk and chocolate milk on the side 🙂

While he is eating, I get started with the slow cooking process of “chili” fixings. I put it on early and let it cook all morning on low.

Jeff was busy with the Senior/Retired Minister’s Luncheon at the Activity Center and I was getting ready to head over to Aimee’s for a Holiday Extravaganza that she and Susan were hosting. It was FUN! I bought lots of goodies and even WON a door prize!!! (No it wasn’t rigged either) *grinning*

Here is a small clip of Rylan and me as he was showing me his decision from the ‘toy flyer’ he has just about worn out by looking at it!

He has picked out his birthday and Christmas gift.

If you wondered why I kept wiping his chin…he has a bit of a leaky mouth sometimes…he also was determined that his jacket stay on and zipped all the way to the top the entire time! Having a bit of OCD makes things interesting sometimes. This grandson has definitely taught me patience. He is our sweetie—visiting as often as he can.

If you want to see the video clip from the “Extravaganza” you will have to hop over to Sisters of Faith site! Susan from “Count it all joy” was there! IN PERSON! Yeah Susan! You really made the day fun! (And I suppose you know that RYLAN loves you to pieces!)

I bought some really pretty jewelry…did I already tell you that? Well, I am very excited about it—I LOVE pretties!

What did ya’ll do this weekend??

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