Day Sixty-Eight

Read Luke 18:22-30

Beth’s devotion was short today, but she gave us a lot of meat to chew on. Whoever said our walk with Christ was a “bed of roses,” were right. There are times of “stem and thorns,” but it leads to beautiful flowers. Any inconveniences for the cause of Christ is worth it. Christ has not changed, He still requires our all for Him. He is the one that has blessed us anyway, why not ask Him what He would like for us to do with those blessings. Chances are He will want us to continue to bless others. I have found out many times over, you cannot out give God. He will always be the one who has given most!

This story of the “Rich young ruler” is definitely a sad one. Those of us that have been brought up in church sometimes may take for granted others may not have that background. I thank God for my heritage, but I don’t want to ever forget His goodness that I become haughty and hoard it up and not share it with everyone around me.

I remember when I was a young teenager I heard a preacher preach about being “Sold Out” to Christ. Can we sell out to Christ today- this day and time? Maybe some may say, “If you are a preacher you should.” Well sister, I believe He wants a “Sold Out” attitude from all of us today, from all Christians. Either we are “serving God or mammon.” This heartfelt gratitude-attitude says, “All that I am and have, I give to you.” Sounds like a wedding vow. . . it is. . . and we are His bride.

We wouldn’t let material possessions keep us from eternal life, because we know that will all fade away some day. The things we hold as treasureable possessions will not last forever, but our treasures in Heaven will. Now, I love beautiful things, as much as, the next girl, but my love for Him is the most important. It is deeper, He has been with me through every storm, He has carried me through every valley, He has been my dearest friend. I love my Lord and saviour!

Look at vs 27. This one is dear to my heart: “And He said, the things which are impossible with me are possible with God.” Write that one down sisters- As Paula Dean says, “Now that’s good!” It’s kinda cute in vs. 28, Peter was reminding Christ He had left all- like Jesus might have forgotten. And Christ reminded him that whoever does give all will receive “manifold blessings, now and in the world to come…” His word also says “He will not forget your labour of love.
Let’s keep serving Him and “Let’s not grow weary in well doing!”

Join Beth in this prayer:

Father, please help me guard against setting my hopes on the uncertainty of wealth, but rather on You, who richly provide us with all things to enjoy. Help me to be rich in ggod works, to be generous, willing to share storing up for myself a good foundation for the days to come, so that I may take hold of life that is real (1 Tim. 6:17-19).” In Jesus’ name–Amen!
Have a great weekend!

Keeping the Faith,


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3 responses to “Day Sixty-Eight

  • Angie

    Oh Aimee that was so good. Just the reminder I needed this morning. I want to be the “bride” He desires…the one He looks at with great love in His eyes…remember the days of “goo-goo eyes?” Adoration is key.
    ADORING HIM is what I do.

    I loved this post!

  • Denise

    This was so wonderful dear Aimee, bless you. I am the richest woman in the world, because I have the love of my precious Saviour. He is my most valued possession.

  • Bernadine

    How sad to have what the world considers everything but lack a personal relationship with the one who promises us everything if we would but follow Him.

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