Day Twenty Four

Scripture Text: Luke 5:12-16, Matt. 9:28, James 4:2

Questions: When you need a miracle, are you afraid to ask, not sure if it’s God’s will? Or do you feel confident asking Him to minister healing, trusting He will act according to His own plan and timing? How do you square these conflicts and questions in your mind and heart?

In what areas do you (or someone close to you) need His supernatural touch right now?

I might as well tell you (hope you won’t look down on me), but I have said in my own heart: “Lord, I believe you can do this…., but I struggle with, if you will do it for me.” Have you been there? Maybe you are there. I think I can almost see the struggle the Leper was having. Maybe because I’ve had that t-shirt. Bought it and wore it.

Thinking back to the physical problems Wanda had, her faith was strong. I believe she had resigned to the fact, God would heal her when He was ready and she would be ready. She focused her life and days on God molding and shaping and using her the way He chose. For whatever purpose her life could serve – she was willing. I know many of you didn’t know our sister, but please humor Angie and me as we share about her. Without any doubt in my mind she trusted the Lord. Even though she, or us didn’t understand, she was willing to follow His plan.

Trust is a complex word, powdered with self-denial. Let’s look at this leper in vs.12. “He was full of leprosy“, but he was looking at Jesus. Do I look to Jesus when my circumstances are looking bad, or do I look at myself? Do I call out to Him? I would like to say yes, every time, but sometimes I worry a while. This leper did receive his healing. He didn’t have to say a word and people knew a miracle had happened. And to read of the multitudes that followed Him later, lets me know they all knew where his healing came from. I hope my life is read that way.

Dear Lord, thank you for your presence in our everyday lives. All the circumstances each one of us face seems big to us and we believe, but help our unbelief. We know your way is better and your ways greater. Help us to turn our eyes off of us and on to you. Thank you for caring about the things that concern us. Continue to move in this Bible study and help us grow and listen to your sweet voice. In Jesus name – – Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


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