Okay people. These guys are a bit tired…you can tell by those that fell asleep on the way back to the hotel from the job site. Who can blame them? I know they are working hard–and long every day. God bless them ALL!

Jeff added some descriptions to some of the photos, I added some as well. He will clarify any mistakes when he gets home. I try and remember all that he tells me (Since I’m not the blog-reporter on site. THANK YOU MARCELLA for posting signs in your yard rallying for me to win! That’s a little joke. Don’t say very little.)

Thank you to all my blog readers for praying for these guys. I have a friend, Denise in Tennessee who is faithfully praying for these awesome guys every single morning! Thank you Denise!

Okay guys! Let’s get on with the next day’s work! LOOKS like much progress is being made.

Oh, by the way, someone asked me at church about the floor being held up by the “pole trees”. That is not permanent. They will work in that area next. The local church members, not our guys.

Hey Marcella—they have a toilet on site that FLUSHES. Tell Krystal. She would want to know if the toilet got a “blessing”. If you went to Honduras, you will know what I mean by that! Our toilet on our site did not flush. Nope.

Okay. Enough chit-chat. Look at the photos. You can tell I am a bit tired, my writing is the pits. Sorry. Will do better.

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