Tuesday–Close off his Access

I am sitting on ready….for what God is going to do! What I mean is—there are things on the horizon in EacH of our lives…are we looking toward what He is about to do…or are we concentrating on the gloom and doom that the Wall Street Journal keeps predicting?

I choose to look for the beauty in what He is about to reveal! What do I see in the stolen computer? Well, a scared devil that thinks that I MUST be about to publish a BesT SelLeR! One that will reach untold sinners for CHRIST! Really? Well, it could happen. REalLy!

Let me share with you something from a book I am reading (yes, I am still reading some of the others…but this one keeps pulling me back!) “i am not, but i know I AM” by Louie Giglio.

“God is always looking for ordinary people to play significant roles in His unfolding story. And, given that He is GOD and supremely confident in Himself, He is free to choose the least among us–the slowest, the lesser-known, the last, the smallest, the poorest–to accomplish amazing, God-sized stuff.”

I mean, He is God after all. Right? Right. So here I sit. Waiting to see if He will fill the thief with remorse—-and give me the opportunity to share Christ…or possibly just by reading some of the stuff on the computer, maybe He will run as fast as he can to the nearest church. Or jail. Whichever—I pray he or she will find Christ.

One way or the other, God will be glorified. Maybe only by me not having a flailing fit and threatening to kill/clobber any suspect….God is glorified when we give our problems to Him to solve—we are releasing Him to crack His holy knuckles and show His stuff. AND while He is showing His stuff, we are showing what we are made of.

I WILL tell you that I did get mad. But I didn’t scream and holler. I wasn’t mad at Jeff, but at the thief. The one that had the audacity to open a door that was closed off to him—one that didn’t belong to him—and take what WaS NoT his.

Hmmm. Sound familiar? Sister—and any brother that might be reading…THAT is exactly what the enemy does to you and me EVERY SiNgLe DAY– when we leave things accessible! Yes, the door was left unlocked. But not on purpose. By accident. Jeff thought he locked it. Thought he’d pushed the button down to lock both doors.

If you don’t lock—seal tight—the doors of your heart and mind EVERY SINGLE DAY with the word of God—the enemy has access. Complete and total access. It’s not enough to just lock them once in a while. Just once a week. See, he is roaming the parking lot—looking for access. I bet you never thought of it like that. Neither did I. Until the computer went missing.

On Friday night, after Jeff went to bed, I went to the laundry room to pray—and cry—and whine (as I told you before)…but my prayer was, “Lord—get some glory out of this.” USE THIS. Well, it looks like He just did. I blogged it and applied to to our walk with Christ. There. He, Jesus Christ, just received glory for a crisis in my life. I was just able to use it to show myself and others that the EXTREME need in our lives is not for a makeover, but for a complete restoration of our hearts and souls! WASHING at the cross by the blood of the Lamb. The complete removal of the stains of our sins. And we are changed. No longer sinners and thieves, but now made new—white as snow. Freed from all charges against us!

Being all out honest, I will tell you that on Friday night….after the news was delivered to my pierced ears…I wanted to give that thief a piece of my mind….now, all I want to know is can I give Him Christ? Will he take Christ—as His Lord and Savior and turn from his thievin’ ways?

Let’s don’t pray for the return of the computer. Let’s pray instead for a thief to find Christ. Soon. Time is running out.

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7 responses to “Tuesday–Close off his Access

  • Denise

    Amen dear sister. I am praying for the thief to go running straight into the precious arms of Jesus. I love you.

  • Scarlett

    What an amazing blessing to know that despite whatever sorrow we bear, that the joy of the Lord is always there….no thief can steal that! Precious one, I am sorry about your computer…I can only hope that whoever hits that “on” button finds your blog and that the Holy Spirits changes them forever through the words previously written here 🙂

  • ktwalden

    What a wonderful perspective on this situation! Thank you for the reminders on how we all should look at bad circumstances and use them for the glory of God.

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Great application, Angie. Beautiful transformation in thoughts. Can I give him Jesus? Precious indeed.

  • Denise

    The anointing breaks the yoke and the Father tells us in HIS word that HIS word will not come back VOID….. that thief has no idea of the anointing that he or she holds.. They have no idea that there are many women praying that the words in that puter will lead them to Christ…. Oh my….. we are so much NOT as the world ! Love ya

  • Chris

    Angie~~How you’ve blessed me today by turning this sad thing into a possibility for God’s glory to shine into the life of one who is lost! You’re making me think about my life differently too…And I love you so much for that.God be with you today. I’d been praying about the book you’d wanted to get done by Feb. I’ll keep praying. It’ll be God’s timetable on this one!Lots and lots of love and gratitude that you are letting Him work through you~~~

  • Julie

    You have an amazingly, beautiful heart.I've got to get my hands on that book. I wrote about something that is hitting my heart on my blog. I have such desires running through my body as I sit and wait to see what He desires to do with me…..Maybe one day soon I will know more, more will be unveiled….I understand the computer loss… Mine was stolen too, not by a virtual person but by the enemy of my soul….It has been a battle to continue to fight for my writing.Love & Hugs sent your way!Julie

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