Christmas, Thank you


WOW!! Can I just tell you that when you called on God for me…HE ANSWERED!!!

I have to say, last night was the MOST fun! I was only the teensiest bit nervous!

I arrived early, took lots of pictures and did much visiting with precious friends that are more like family. My sister Aimee surprised me, because she told me she couldn’t come to the service. When she came in I was headed to meet her and hug her sweet neck and I noticed she had on a shirt just like one I have! I told her so! Then I looked down at her feet. My shoes. She grinned and said, everything I have on is yours. She had left work and went straight to my house and changed clothes and hurried on over (about an hour drive)! I was thrilled!! God is good.

When my dear sister/friends, Susan and Kathy (a.k.a. my Pastor’s wife) walked in —it was like a visit from Wanda! I just cried! So, up to that point I was doing fine…(really it was okay)…but the LORD was so good to keep me calm!

THANK you dear friends. I had prayed so long about this and had so much stuff to share, but told the LORD that He needed to weed out what wasn’t necessary (I called it hogwash) and just help me deliver what was needed for the hour and for the almost 400 women who were there. AND He DID! We laughed and we cried—God is good. All the time.

I love you all. You are one incredible bunch of friends. If you read here—you are my friend. I appreciate you!

By the way, 24 Sisters of Faith shirts left for Africa this morning! HOW ABOUT THAT GOD WE SERVE!!! Isn’t He just amazing! Girls, if you allow Him full control….and are obedient….HE will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

The slide show is of the “Tea” from last night! Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “HE DID IT!!!!”

  1. Angie, I knew God would show up! How awesome! Me the the 24 shirts – and my hubby and assorted other treasures – leave out SATURDAY morning!! Tuesday I speak to the women, Laura translates into Swahili and reads your beautiful letter. Do you remember my blog post about my precious Great Grandmother Doty that prayed 6 generations and also prayed “for the heathens in Afriea”? Well, I have her Bible wrapped up in my Sisters of Faith tee shirt in my carry on! How AWESOME is that!!! I love you, girlfriend! I’ll try and have pictures up on Wednesday, but it will probably be more like Thursday.

  2. Beautiful! Praise the Lord! What extravangant decoations! Were they a contest or something? We only get 30 ladies at our teas…What a large group you were able to bless!! Yay God!

  3. Wow! This looks like an awesome event. I love all the variety of colors…some traditional Christmas colors, fall colors, and that gorgeous blue. Some one or rather some oneS went to A LOT of work just in the decorations let alone all the other organizations of this event. Loved the slide show…I could just imagine almost being there.

  4. I never had a doubt that you would be anything but God-inspired. And the pictures are lovely! I’m so glad Aimee was there for you.And Angie, thank you so very much for the birthday card – you are such an angel!

  5. I’m so pleased for you Angie. It is so exciting to know the Lord answered prayer and used you through your talk.The tables are all one more beautiful than the other. What a lovely party.

  6. Such a wonderful post and what a GOD we serve! Your pictures are wonderful and such a beautiful room full of ladies…….. How I miss the presence of the Lord and how I miss the collective worship of a room full of Ladies… My spirit is dancing in the refection of your day!

  7. Oh Ang,What a wonderful, beautiful day!! Our Jesus is so good… I am so glad it went well. I LOVE the pictures… I wish I had been there. God is up to big things and I can’t wait to see what is next. A BIG hug!!

  8. Hey friend, Wow! What a beautiful event. I loved seeing all the tables and loved seeing your beautiful face… I think I missed something though, cause I don’t know what this event was that you spoke at…. Fill me in!!! By the way I got my T-shirt!!! Can’t wait to wear it!!! Thanks!!! Hugs,Julie

  9. Oh friend, what a blessed event! I just can’t leave you for a second can I? Goodness gracious, if I am not checking out your blog daily, I will miss ALOT.Your sister is just the sweetest thing ever!Now you have to tell me, were you taped? I would love to have heard you speaking. Send me a tape if you were. I would love to share your precious southern voice with my hubby and friends.Love, Joannep.s. Tell me, are you and Aimee planning on attending She Speaks this next Summer?p.s.s. …and what are you trying to do to me, taking pictures of the FOOD!?! You know what southern food does to this girl over here!

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