Leave it all behind…

That’s sometimes a hard thing to do.

Some changes are taking place in our lives– the details are here if you have time to pray.  Read and pray.  I know many have friends and family who are undertaking heavy-duty changes in their own lives, from parents aging and declining, to kids graduating and moving on–to daughters marrying– and new families beginning… it’s tough.  I remember all of our milestones.  Especially recently as we’ve had to walk back through a lot of our history.

I know if you are like me–reading another email is the last thing you want to do–so it’s totally okay.  If you can’t read, just scroll on by and say a prayer for Jeff and Angie.  For the journey ahead.

The song by Casting Crowns struck me one day when +April Pettis  sang it at church as such a part of our lives.  We try to hang on to things God wants to relieve us of… why?

We will walk much better without the burden.  We can climb without the load we are trying to keep tied to our back.

I have often had to stop and evaluate what or who had attached itself or themselves to my life.  And I had to make a decision.  Sink or swim.  Climb or slide back down the mountain.

As tough as the climb is many days–I choose to climb.  As +Sherri Evans  preached during her retreat in Panama City this year, it’s on the mountain that God will reveal Himself to us–we must choose to ascend to the mountain of God.  It’s a choice we have to make.  On our own.  Because it’s our own breath we will suck in with each step–it’s our own feet that will navigate through the crevices and rough terrain ahead.  But it is God who guides each step…and we will not stumble if we keep our focus on Him.

© 2014 Angie Knight- The Knightly News. All rights reserved.
Photography copyright protected 2015.  Angie Knight Photography.

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