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Wordfilled Wednesday

Join up with Amy over at 160 Acre Woods for more awesome notes of encouragement today!



visit Amy over at The 160 Acre Woods for more “wordfilled” messages!
I have loved these messages…and this week, I had a chance to join in!


Children are an inheritance from the LORD

Craziest notion that I had when we were “raising our girls”…was that one day we’d be done. Well, I had that notion…maybe ‘ole Jeff was smarter. It started out before they could talk.

“I wish you could just please tell me what you are crying for.”

Then years later, “For Pete’s sake…would you PLEASE stop telling me that! I’ve heard “I want” until I’m blue in the face!”

Well, maybe you had perfect kids. We, on the other hand, did not. They made mistakes. Just like Jeff and I did.

But I will tell you this truth. Our children are and have always been, even through the heartache, the ultimate blessing from God. Although there were times I thought I was cursed…I knew in my heart they were here for us to love—and to teach us life. And about God’s love for us.—Through them, I learned MUCH about God’s love and forgiveness.

And even having gone through the heartaches that the teen years brought, to have the girls we have—and the terrific grandkids we are blessed with….I’d do it all again. (Hopefully, I’d be a lot smarter though.)

What have your children taught you?