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God Will Take Care of YOU!

I want to share with YOU today something that was shared with me via phone call this morning….and I needed it so…maybe you do as well.

For YOU today…..

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He’s GOD!

Enough Said!

I have played THIS song (on cd) over and over and over and over—and over.  He’s God.  Realize that TODAY!  EXPERIENCE THAT TODAY!


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Sunday Praise!

My daughter, April shared this choir with me a few weeks ago–and I listen to this song over and over—and the power and anointing they sing with comes from the ONE true Source of all power!

Enjoy this song today…”When I Speak Your Name”, by the Southeast Kentucky Mass Choir.

Then listen to Janet Paschal, who will be at our Women’s Campmeeting at Carmel Assembly of God Church in JUNE!

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The Revelation Song

No words necessary.

He loves you.

He did then, and He does yet today.

What are you waiting for?



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God Will Make A Way

This video is for you. I don’t know your name—but I know I was looking for another one…and this one came up with every search of the “other one”. I take that as a sign…

Whatever you are seeking Him for today, don’t stop seeking just because you don’t see the answer today. It may be tomorrow. Or next week. Or even next month or next year.

We prayed for 7 years for a miracle of a prodigal daughter….God is faithful. Listen to the words. This is for you. You know who you are. I love you dearly.

Just when you least expect the answer….it will be there.


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The Chisel

This morning during the sermon, Associate Pastor David Long paused and shared this clip. Powerful words—provoking us to all delve into the deep of our hearts and seek out what NEEDS to be chiseled away from the “me” to reveal the “Him” in each heart and life.

Do you have things that need to go?

I do. He has the chisel. I will stand still.



I Don’t Know Who She Belongs To….

BUT….this little girl knows what she is singing about….it is showing in her motions! Watch!

Ya’ll have a great weekend! I will get another post ready for you! Love you all!

Laminin~Louie Giglio

This is the coolest video—KNOW that God is for you. FOR you! Imagine that. The God that cast the stars into the sky from the tips of His fingers—has a plan for your life. Watch the video. Thanks Guy Tatum for an awesome Sunday School lesson this morning…which took my mind back to this very video.

As I sat there this morning…watching the shots taken of space way beyond our finite minds, I instantly thought of Wanda’s life, leaving here—and venturing on a breath-taking journey past all the glories God created! How incredible that must have been! We too, shall one day take that journey. Whether by the calling of our name—or by the calling of the trumpet.

Enjoy the video—and girls….I plan to see you, whether on this side of heaven or that side—so be looking for me!

(Press play Grandbuddy)