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Join me at Laced with GRACE today!

Laced With Grace

Answering the Call….
Join me today at Laced with Grace to find out what happens to us when the Call comes in!

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Do you realize your value?

Even though it is easy—so very easy to get caught up in seeking approval and validation from man—we love that pat on the back—that “attagirl”. But it does not always come. However, God sees.


In the middle of March, my husband, Jeff and I participated…..

For the REST of the story, you will have to visit Laced with GRACE!

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I’m at Laced with Grace THURSDAY!

Laced With Grace

The devotion is not about tax day–so I hope that makes you feel better!

Don’t forget if you want to enter the contest for the Fire Bible, be sure and read the Mary DeMuth interview and comment and post on Facebook as well!  (Just below this post!)

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement over the past few weeks of my life changing experiences!  Yes, I did promise to share all–and I will. 

Changes are coming here too!  Soon.


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Embrace the Tears | Laced with Grace

Embrace the Tears Laced with Grace

Girls I have to tell you…the tears come. Without warning or reason.

On Monday a while back, we had errands to run when I got home from work. We went to Lowe’s, then Walmart, then filled up the truck with fuel, then ran to a “fast food” place. I ordered light…but still. It was what it was.

THEN while driving the very short distance back home, I teared up. Reason? Who knows. There doesn’t have to be a reason. It happens.

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Today I’m at Laced With Grace!

Grab your Bible, bring your cup of coffee and head on over for a time of devotion.

“Suppose you had only 4 months to live”.

This was the conversation my baby sister, Aimee and I had one morning recently while driving to work. “What would you do?” Was her next question to me.

Aimee had had a dream the night before. Woke her up with such a start, and then she set in to ponder the matter. Suppose, just suppose that were true….

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What’s On Your Altar?

The altar….where I long to be.

Visit me at Laced with Grace today and tell me….what’s on your altar?

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Monday’s Laced With Grace

A Hug in a Rainbow

A few weeks ago I was driving home, and my mind was on the many things I needed to get done before I could leave for His speaking engagement. I said it that way on purpose. It is not mine. I am not a speaker, but a writer. There are days though, when I wonder if I’m even that…..
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