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Laced With Grace–Tuesday

Good morning!
Tuesday you can find me at Laced with Grace…all day long! ;)

I hope your week is going great!!  There are so many things going on right now–it is crazy busy for everyone!  Thank you for taking the time out to read! 😉  “A Party For A King”

Have a blessed week—MORE TO COME.

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Thursday I’m at Laced with Grace!

Camp begins again NEXT week. 

MUCH has been happening around here though…for one thing, I’ve done a TON of laundry, complete with ironing!  I’ve tried not to cook much.  Well, I did just a little.  I will get back into that gear next week. 

Head over to Laced with Grace and read my ramblings from this week.

Laced With Grace

I hope this like will take you there! Click here!

Or if it doesn’t work…just go to Laced with Grace!

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Last year I met a new friend.  She graciously allowed me to take pictures to my hearts content–and I did.  Both Connie Haile and myself—snapped shots of God’s goodness in another life.  Rene was a blessing then, and she continues to be.  Thank you Rene for opening your heart and home to me!  I love you dearly! Sister of FAITH!

In 2008, I wrote a post for Sisters of Faith-“90 Days with Jesus Only”, and it directly tied in to the picture that I saw 2 years later.  That’s God.  I have tweaked the post–and you can find it on Laced With Grace.

I hope and pray that as you read, God reveals His heart and plan for your life as He has unfolded daily, His heart into mine.

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Tuesday at the Place of Grace

Laced with Grace that is!

Time has run from me like you would not imagine!  Did it by chance run over to your place?

Let’s visit a bit over at Laced with Grace.  Maybe catch up–as we catch our breath!

God is soul stirring as the leaves are rustling to the ground!

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Thursday at Laced with Grace!

Her name is Allison. I spotted her the day we arrived, sitting on the craggy rocks with her sisters. Her face the reflection of innocence. Untarnished by the hardships she doesn’t realize she is living.

…for the rest of the story, click over and visit me at Laced with Grace!

Laced With Grace


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Laced with Grace on Tuesday!

Laced With Grace

Grab your cup of something yummy come on over to Laced with Grace–for today’s devotion!


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1000 Posts At Laced with Grace!

Laced with Grace is celebrating! 3 years online and 1000 posts!

How great is our God! (Click on the Laced with Grace button to read more about it!)

We are celebrating our 3rd year and 1000th post! The faithfulness of the LORD to get us to this point is so incredible! We could not, and would not be here without you, our kind, time-sharing readers! You share and give your time to read, comment and encourage one another!

Thank you. The drawing will be held at the end of the month on the Laced with Grace site. Share the news of this drawing with as many friends as you can! We are glad to have been a part of your lives for the past 3 years–and look forward to many more! Until He comes!


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