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A great Laced With GRACE Give-away!

Fall 2009 Giveaway_400
Material from Kitty Designs’ kit “Dream of a Blue Sky”

And he said to them, “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” Then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. ~ Matthew 8:26

They’re talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming…Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? (text taken from Max Lucado’s website)

To find out more about the book itself, please visit our very own Lori from Lori’s Reflection. She read the book so she can share her thoughts with us: Fearless by Max Lucado.

Now to the niddy-griddy part of the giveaway (LWG writers are not eligible to enter – sorry, girls 😉 ). The package includes: Fearless – Hard Cover, Fearless – DVD Study, and the Fear Not Promise Book. You have four chances to enter your name into the drawing. Wondering how to get your name four times into the drawing — pretty simple…

Please leave a comment on Laced with Grace for every entry you make. The giveaway will end next Tuesday, September 15th (midnight – EST) with the winner to be announced on Saturday, September 19th.


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Easter Giveaway by LWG and Spring Giveaway by The Cafe`

Don’t you just LOVE a sweet giveaway?? Well—Laced with Grace has got one going on! Get over there and find out the details…and what you have to do to enter! Go here.

Don’t forget the giveaway on my sidebar at the Internet Cafe`! You will have to click HERE to get THERE!

Don’t miss out….and hey…put a little note on your refrigerator reminding you of the Sisters of Faith sponsored BLoGgErS ReTReaT!!


Laced With Grace Surprises

Guess what is coming up for YOU in January at Laced with Grace???

The giveaway is a Bible study from Tara Klena Barthel – Living the Gospel in Relationships. The giveaway will go from January 1st through the 31st. Visit Laced with Grace for ALL the details…(I just visited the website of Tara Barthel and watched some of the video clips…girls—this is gonna be GREAT!!!

New Year’s Meditations

NewYear Laurel is having a giveaway….yup! Starting the year off with a bang! Her only requirement is to dig deep into your heart and mind and share your dreams or desires for 2009! (Not the lose 10 lbs thing—she said really ‘think’) It will be going on all week long for the first week of January 2009!

I have plundered my mind. It is having trouble. The thing is—there are many changes I want to make in my life this year. I’m not sure how spiritual some may sound…but here goes!

1) KNOW more of the WORD–devote more time to reading and studying the Bible—knowing the where and what—memorize more;

2) APPLY more of the WORD to my heart/life–PRAY more!;

3) Eat healthier (I didn’t say lose weight Laurel 🙂 although that is a goal;

4) Cut the diet sodas to one a day….for starters maybe two a day…we’ll see….(baby steps) (drink more water);

5) I have some projects, sewing; writing; reading that I REALLY want to see completed this year—I REALLY need to organize my time better;

6) I want to encourage other women to follow Christ —I would love to witness and be a part of tranformations first hand!

There are other things rolling around with the marbles of my mind…such as downsizing our lives in many areas. Three areas will get major attention: Clutter; Spending; Wasted time.

Any ideas on this??? Okay—now click on the button—go to Laurel’s —read others—participate—and enter her contest to win!!!

Love you all! Happy New Year to you!!

And the Winner is….

By random selection of the following names:

1) Gail

2) Denise O.

3) Regina

4) Bernadine

5) Denise W.

6) Janice

THE winner is (drum roll please…..)

Denise Oldham! Congratulations dear sister-friend!

I am sorry it took us so long to do this! We had GOOD intentions…but have been bogged down with many life issues! Aimee is hosting their church board members and families tonight for their annual Christmas Supper! She is busy!

Your package should be mailed this week—-Aimee is in charge of mailing 🙂 hmmm, did I mention she was busy busy busy today??

We love you all girls! We had a great time! Another one to come soon!

Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters!

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The Sisters of Faith Bible Study Give-Away!

For our sweet sister-participants…you know who you are—Denise O., Denise W., Bernadine, Gail, Janice and Regina! We are having a give-away and YOU are included! Girls, you may not have met Janice–but she was a participator of the study daily—but she had trouble with the commenting portion—but she checked in with Aimee weekly on the study.

We are so thrilled that you could join us! We had a couple share with us they enjoyed reading along as they could and several were already involved in a study elsewhere…that is okay! What matters is that we are each digging in to HIS WORD!

We are going to have a video taped drawing for the prize of a gift basket of goodies! Aimee is preparing the basket of a book (details forthcoming); and an assortment of goodies—I really want it to be a surprise! (Can you actually BELIEVE I am going to TRY to keep a secret??)

The drawing will be held next week and you will be notified of your ‘win’ by e-mail and on the Sisters of Faith site, as well as my personal blog, Knightly News!

Sisters, we would be amiss if we didn’t thank each of you for praying for us during Thanksgiving. You knew how difficult this first Thanksgiving would be without Wanda. Christmas will be as well, but we draw strength from your prayers and our faith in HIM.

We love you dearly!

Keeping the Faith,

Angie and Aimee

P.S. I need to know if you have your own Sisters of Faith T-Shirt. I think I have mailed everyone their size. PLEASE let me know via e-mail (av_knight (@) hotmail (dot) com

A New Day–and a NEW Laced With Grace Giveaway!

The team of writers at Laced With Grace are pleased to announce our fall readers contest. We have joined with Women Of Faith Ministries to offer two premium tickets to attend the two day conference at any venue in the United States.

Tickets include admission for two, boxed lunches and other neat stuff.

What do you think God could do in your life through a Women of Faith conference?

Please plan to enter our contest daily. Stop in and read our daily devotions Monday through Friday and leave us a comment. All comments count as an entry. The winner will be announced on the Monday following Thanksgiving. ~A perfect day for one of our readers to receive a gift and a give thanks to the Lord for all He does in our lives.

Tell your friends and add our button to your blog or website then let us know. We will enter your comments twice into our drawing.