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Back in the Saddle

Well–it’s official.  I’m back in the saddle at Internet Cafe`….I posted a portion of a teaching from our Young Adult Class–I truly hope it brings someone encouragement–to focus in on  HIM…

Click HERE to read “Occupied with the Outward”.

Have a SUPER blessed day—and I’ll be back in a jiffy!

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The LOVE of Your SPONSOR (Cafe` Devotion)

Erwin. Pray for him today.

The morning started early. I was awake before 4am. Thinking, praying, wondering what the day would bring.

Little did I know before my feet hit the floor of the life changes that would take place in all of us “first timers” today.

First time on a mission trip.

I wasn’t prepared for the tears that burned–and spilled. My husband, Jeff has been on a few missions trips—but he never warned me about the feeling you get when you look in the eyes of a child and want to help, but realize your limitations.

For the REST of this story–head over to the Cafe`.  I’m sitting there waiting on you–I’ve got a cup already poured and your chair is pulled out! Waiting on YOU!  I can’t wait to see you!  There’s a special message

from my heart to yours!

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Breakfast with Jesus!

Come on over to the Cafe` today–grab a seat–I’ve poured you a hot cup!  We are having “Breakfast with Jesus!”
Today you will find me here:

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Cafe Post-Help from the Hill

My week in Honduras forever changed my life.

Every morning I experienced the same overwhelming feeling to touch each smiling face. Many of us held on to these little ones. My friend, Krystal made a lasting impression on one young boy named, Carlos.

Every morning Carlos, and a few others met the bus carrying a load of excited missionaries, with set minds to work for Christ with all we had–with every breath that we would breathe that day. 

Every morning we smiled big smiles, knowing only a smattering of words in the Spanish language, but knowing a smile says muchos!

Every morning we prayed for our protection, as well as theirs.  Some traveled further–some stayed longer.  All dug their lives into our hearts.

For a week, my “every morning” routine was altered.  Forever it seems.  Waiting at the top of the hill, ready to carry our burdens were the children.  When it should have been the opposite.  We were the ones there to work.  We were the one there to make a lasting impact.  However, the lessons they taught us penetrated at such depth of soul, they will never be forgotten.  At the top of the hill.

At the top of another hill, much further back in time stood One among three.  Only the One could carry your burdens and mine.  1 Peter 5:7 says to “cast all your cares anxieties and worries on Him for He cares for you.” (my paraphrase)

The children were fulfilling the Word without even knowing it, simply by caring for us.  They wanted to help us every day–in every way.  They had not even known us but 2 days and already they had the desire to “help”. 

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2 NIV

At the cross, at the top of the hill hung the One who gave all to carry your burdens, heartaches and troubles once and for all.  You never have to stoop to pick them up again. 

Will you travel with me?  Up to the top of the hill to lay them down?  Once and for all.

I invite you to pray this prayer with me today.

“Dear Lord Jesus, my heart is so heavy, feeling so broken with all the burdens of life that I have tried to carry so long by myself.  Thank you for showing me today that we both don’t have to carry this load…when one of us is You.  You are my burden bearer.  I realize that now.  Thank you for giving your Life for mine.  Thank you for forgiving me of my sins as I realize I am lost without You in my life.  As I shift this load of heaviness on to You, help me not try to reclaim any of my past by my thoughts or deeds.  Show me the freedom You have just given me!  Help me to have a desire to learn of Your ways by reading Your Word.  Help me to follow Your path and not try to make my own.  I want Your desires to be my desires.  I love You Jesus.  Thank You for this gift of new life in You!  I give You my all.  In Your holy name I pray, Amen.”

Friend, if you prayed that prayer today, let me know.  We want to lift you up daily in prayer.  May the Word illuminate your life as you dig in to know Him more!

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"A Heart For God"–over at the Cafe`

What I will be known as after I am gone is something I won’t know.

At least not here.

At every single funeral I attend these thoughts plague me. So much so that I began to wonder–on paper if not out loud, just exactly what I am.
A daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, even a friend. But there is one thing I want to be known as above any other thing. I want to be known as a daughter-wife-mother-sister-grandmother who had a passionate heart for God.
There is a vast difference in the heart of true mother and the heart of a woman who has children. As you read, you must know that these are some things “I” have faced in my own life. That’s the tough thing. Learning the lessons in the first place…..

For the rest of the devotion—come on over to the Cafe` today–grab a seat–I’ve poured you a hot cup!  Sit back, relax–let’s share about life as a mom–and how Jesus impacts our lives.  Today you will find me here:

(The message is a portion of what I shared on Mother’s Day at Grace Assembly of God in Chipley, Florida
(Pictured:  top picture-Tiffany, me and April; bottom picture- Mother, Wanda, Aimee and me-yes, an old picture–you can tell by the poufy hair!)

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The Air That I Breathe

Under an almost leafless tree, you will find me parked in my car at lunch.

On most days.

Today was one of those days.

As I was sitting there, mulling over the fact that I could not enjoy the sunshine and breeze that was evidently going on by the stirring of the grass and limbs of the tree—because I had to “work” inside all day, it hit me. Like the sunshine beaming down.

Why not? Why can’t you, for just this moment in time, roll down your window and feel the breeze blowing and feel the sun’s warmth?

Well, duh! I can roll my window down! How simple would that be! And for just these few moments, enjoy the weather provided.

With not another minute to lose in my mully-grubbing heart, I rolled down all four windows and the breeze instantly rushed in, carrying with it the sweet promise from heaven–His love.

His love can be felt anytime we make ourselves open to Him. Available to Him.

How often do we sit inside our lives with the windows of our soul rolled up tight–refusing to breathe the freshness of the Holy Spirit? I have found myself in such condition. Breathing in only the stale -stagnate air of flesh. The air that depresses and even kills the spirit man.

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. Titus 3:4-7 NIV

I believe that the enemy of our lives wants us to keep the windows of our heart rolled up tightly against the love that HE so lavishly affords us! Through the gift of His grace, we are heirs in Christ Jesus! All the reason in the world to keep those windows rolled down and breathe in His gifts! Life eternal! Life divine!

Are your windows open?

Are you breathing in His Holy Spirit?

What are some things that block the Holy Spirit from penetrating our lives?


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 This post was originally written by me for The Internet Cafe`–where you will find your cup of devotion for the day!  Used by permission.

I broke my promise

This morning, I was going to do my devotional very quick and get right on to Saturday’s chores.

But the Word of the LORD came fresh and slamming into my heart as God opened up this verse:

John 11:40 “Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?” KJV

Oh folks, that ties right into the devotion I wrote this week for the Internet Cafe`.

If you have time, visit there today and read the true story of a precious prodigal son, who is coming home! I may not see it with the natural eye, but I can see it clearly in my spiritual eye!

I broke my promise not to turn on the computer on the weekends just because I BELIEVE with all my heart this message is for someone. Is it for you?

I pray that you find His arm comforting and His shoulder firm as you lean into His love!


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Friday-I’m at the Cafe`

I completely forgot to tell you ahead of time where I’d be today!

Several years ago, a little girl friend of our oldest daughter was driving home from work…with her mind in the clouds, or rather, on something else….

Come on over with your cup in hand and read the REST of the story…”Follow Me”…


Adversity and Destiny

To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. Revelation 2:7 (NIV)

Have you been side swiped by adversity? I don’t mean in a car. I mean in your heart—your life. Something that has stumped your toe–tripped you up.

A storm in your life that may have caused you to run for cover. Only maybe you didn’t run for the right Cover.

For the rest of this devotion, head over to the Cafe`— on Tuesday morning—bright and early! Where the coffee is hot—the seats are comfy, and the company is sweet! I hope to see you there!


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