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Interview with Mary DeMuth, author of “Thin Places”

 Mary, I want to thank you for sharing your heart and allowing me to post this interview, via our  e-mail back and forth!  It has been such a blessing in so many ways correspondiMary DeMuthng with you over the past few weeks.  I will have to say, because of something I am praying over now, page 166 and 167 are marked up and dog eared in my book.  Because of what it says to my heart.  The seeking heart of us all.  (And yes, I put the page numbers in because I want our readers to GET the book and read it for themselves!) 🙂


Your book begins with a traumatic childhood experience.  Can you share with us how God uses this trauma in your life to impact others in ministry? 

Because He has healed me and continues to heal me of the trauma and He’s given me the ability to share it openly, I often get in discussions with folks about their own secrets. It’s a privilege to see them set free. I also get a lot of correspondence about Thin Places, which enables me to continue a dialog.

As a parent and wife?

I’m more aware of gratitude. Because I had a difficultThin Places upbringing, I don’t take my current family for granted. I’m often astounded that God has given me three amazing children and a dear, dear husband. All these folks, I cherish.

I know one of my daughters tells me I am so “over protective” sometimes with my grandkids–worrying about various things.  Do you find yourself worrying excessively?

No, and I don’t really know why. I figured if I could survive such a mess and God was big and capable of healing me, I didn’t need to worry excessively about things.

Mary, throughout your book, I had a sense that you and your husband share a very open and communicative relationship–was this hard won for you?

No, we started our relationship that way. Of course we are like everyone else, in that life interrupts. Money and stress and schedules make a mess of things. We have to choose to interact.

Do you find it difficult at times to express your feelings?  (I am speaking as a wife that DOES experience the difficulties of communication at times)

No. Why? I think part of how God made me to cope with my upbringing was an ability to share exactly how I felt (later in life). I’m pretty in touch with that, and I’ve had lots of practice as I’ve shared my heart with friends.

As I read the parts in the book of your love of music and singing–I wanted to HEAR you sing!  I imagine that God used your love of music to bring healing to your heart.

So much so. Even today as I was painting our front door, I had music on to listen to. It completely mesmerizes me, reorients me. I love to sing worship songs. For a short time, I led worship when we lived in France.

Mary, I deal with self-esteem issues at times–I know that there are more women who do as well–those who may or may not recognize this–I have friends/acquaintances who react in an abrupt manner at times, maybe not really meaning to, simply because of the way we view ourselves–can you help us understand how we can change our focus–or maybe how we can pray for one another in this area?

Maybe more about prayer. I believe every woman struggles with inferiority and insecurity. Just look at the magazines lining the checkout lines. We never measure up. The best way we can be there for our girlfriends is to offer grace as often as we can. Even harder: Train yourself to offer sweet grace to yourself.

I just want to encourage our readers, get this book.  “Thin Places” is not just about Mary’s life–it’s about looking into the mirror at our own.  –At the places where God has been nearest–but perhaps seemed the most distant.–

Can you leave us today with some parting words of wisdom–something that perhaps the Lord has done in your life since the publishing of your book?

He’s shown me that telling my story was a gift of love to others. In telling it, folks don’t feel so alone. I’m thankful for that. It was painful to write and put out there, but the rewards are that many women are being set free. Freedom is such an important thing!DSC_0002

Thank you Mary, for your time and most of all for   sharing such an amazing  journey with us!  I believe with all my heart, as you continue to be the voice God has called you to be,  that HE  will continue to use the tragedy in your life to bring triumph in another life!

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Fire Bible 

Thank you FATHER! For connecting the hearts and lives of Your children, so that we can find strength and our faith is renewed in the journey of another!



Following Him,


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Love you girl!!! and ENJOY!!!


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This Little Prayer of Mine Book Review and GIVE AWAY!

By Anthony DeStefano
Illustrated by Mark Elliott

Through engaging rhymes and alluring illustrations, This Little Prayer of Mine shows children—and their parents and grandparents—that complete dependence on God is what brings peace and fulfillment. It invites children to know and believe that God is always just a simple prayer away.

This was one of the most interesting little children’s books!  I read it to a very important audience, allowing them to critique it for me. Grandsons.  We had a really good time with this.  It was very age appropropriate for them (ages 4-8) and with each page, the illustrations were such that after we finished reading the book, we went back over each page and they could see additional information from the colorful artwork.  It was so much more than  bedtime prayer book, which is what I first expected.  It really gives the children different life scenes where choices of good or bad are made. 
In 3 words-“I LOVED IT!” And so did my grandsons! I used it as a “Sunday School” lesson with them on a Sunday that we were unable to go to church, they have been taught to pray, but as with most kids, it usually involves meal times, bed times or times of serious circumstances, such as sickness. But as we went through the pages of this book, they could see as we read, there are so many other reasons and times to have a conversation with God! The colorful illustrations were a big point in the book, as each scene told a story all it’s own–about the need–the necessity of prayer. I highly recommend this book. It’s one that I wish we could have had for our own girls when they were growing up!

Thanks Anthony and Mark for keeping the fires of faith and pray alive in our children through your work!

(You can purchase the book here at the Random House website!)

Author Bio:

Anthony DeStefano is the author of The Prayers God Always Says Yes To and A Travel Guide to Heaven. He has received prestigious awards from religious organizations worldwide for his efforts to advance Christian beliefs in modern culture.

Mark Elliott’s brilliant illustrations have appeared in popular picture books and novels for young readers, including Gail Carson Levine’s Princess Tales series. His acclaimed artwork delivers inspiration, wonder, and timeless beauty on every page.

I highly recommend This Little Prayer of Mine for your children’s library!  And to HELP you out with that–I’m offering a “give-away”!  Simply leave a comment-and facebook share this post if you don’t mind.  Also, we would like to know “how many” children’s books you have in your home right now!   (If you don’t mind counting them up)  I think we have more than 10 but less than 20.  I need to go count them!
The winner will be chosen by “Random Number Generator” on April 9, 2010.
Thank you for sticking around!
This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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Dancing with My Father

Author Sally Clarkson is convinced that joy should be the rule of a woman’s life, rather than the exception. Drawing on the metaphor of dance, she inspires readers to nurture joy and to find delight in God’s presence, even in the challenging seasons of life.

A keeper.  That was my first impression of this little book.  Sally Clarkson shares with us the personal intimacy of a relationship with God-and how that relationship can motivate you to seek Him–finding joy in the most difficult times can be the hardest of all to accomplish, but with biblical instruction-possible.  By seeking Him in the everday–not only seeking Him, but SEEING Him is it made possible. 

I found myself reflecting over the past couple of years worth  of heartaches as I read and realized there were joys along the way as well.  Interwoven for my heart to heal.  As you read, you will feel as if the writer has your “number”.  Or at least I did!  As you to check your heart and life for joy stops along the way, Sally will encourage you to embrace each day with renewed strength and hope for the journey!

Sally includes questions and points to ponder at the end of each chapter making this book a great tool for women’s Bible Study Groups!

To purchase your own copy go to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers here.

Author Bio:

Sally Clarkson is a popular speaker, known across the nation and internationally for her work with women. She is the author of several books, including The Mission of Motherhood, The Ministry of Motherhood, and Seasons of a Mother’s Heart. She has worked in various ministries, including Campus Crusade for Christ. With her husband, Clay, she is cofounder of Whole Heart Ministries, which encourages and equips Christian parents. The Clarksons, parents of four, live near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


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Mother & Daughter Duet

Mother Daughter Duet by Cheri Fuller & Ali Plum

The relationship between mothers and adult daughters is intense, personal, and complex. But adults friendship is possible when mom applies some basic principles, including respect, forgiveness, listening, understanding, and letting go. In Mother-Daughter Duet, a mother and daughter share their own story so others can move from friction and frustration to acceptance and harmony.

With each chapter, both Cheri and Ali share their views, struggles and success as they find the middle ground with their relationship.  That place where we see both sides.  This is a book that can encourage mothers of all ages, even mothers of sons as I recognized quickly that the issues that Cheri and Ali faced are not specifically targeted to one gender.  When raising my own girls, I found myself doing some of the same “mistakes” that Cheri admits to.

I encourage all mothers and daughters alike,  read this insightful book!  Your relationship will gain strength as you discover that place of understanding of each others hearts and needs.

If you would like to order your own copy, visit Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers here.

Author Bio:

Cheri Fuller is a best-selling, award-winning author whose books have sold more than one million copies. She speaks to a wide range of women at women’s conferences and is a frequent guest on national radio and television programs.

Ali Plum is Cheri’s daughter, a writer and songwriter, a wife, and a mother to Noah and Luke. She and her mom have weathered the ups and downs of their relationship to find one of the most treasured, honest relationships of their lives. Ali has recorded background vocals for popular musicians, and Mother-Daughter Duet marks her debut into book publishing.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


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Book Review! "Completely Whole", by Paulette Harper

 “Completely Whole”
by Paulette Harper
Best Selling, Award Winning Author
That Was Then, This Is Now
This Broken Vessel Restored
Victorious Living for Women

 When I signed up to read and review Paulette’s new book, I was clueless as to how it would target areas in my life.  Pains and heartaches I clung to.  But it did.  Dead on. 

Sometimes we need a picture drawn in order to see what we’ve allowed to hinder us from a closer relationship with Christ.  Paulette’s artistic ability at drawing a clear resemblance of “us” is a gift.  This book is ideal for a small group women’s Bible study class, as well as a personal motivational read!

Each chapter clearly aligning with the passages of Scripture that are included, will bring you to a point of deep reflection of what needs addressing in your heart.  Through challenges and changes, Paulette encourages us to embrace what God wants to do in our lives!  As Paulette closes each chapter with a prayer, you are invited to carry each need of your life, each problem to Christ–to allow Him full access to address the issues once and for all!

I encourage you to contact Paulette Harper and get a copy of this book for your next women’s study group and/or retreat!   “Completely Whole” will be released May 2010.


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Love and War

Love and War, by John and Stasi Eldredge, published by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Company.

While there were some things that I have a different opinion of, for the most part while reading this book–I said WOW.  Relevant–Powerful–Motivating.

I have one question.  WHERE was this book 28 years ago?   John and Stasi have gone beyond skimming the surface of the sometimes rough waters of marriage and dove straight down to the heart of so many problems we have as couples. 

While some writers may hint at some issues they’ve endured as a married couple, John and Stasi get real.  The honesty shared in this book will absolutely shine a light in the dark places of your life where you thought up to now were hopeless.  From the nit-picky–to the really difficult relational issues. They cover them all with a rare honesty that will have you recalling many of your own problems–even those you simply brushed aside thinking there was no help for them.

If you read and enjoyed Wild at Heart (written by John) or Captivating (John and Stasi),  LOVE & WAR is the book you should read as a married couple!  I would even recommend it to be read before you tie the marital knot bow.  It is the vitamin tonic that will help stave off many marital diseases before you are maritally destroyed.  You will even find yourself chuckling at the ridiculousness of some things they share, that is until you remember some of your own laughable times of marital bliss. 

Not only will this book help the individual, but it will be a great tool for young married Sunday School classes.  Read it as a couple, but my advice, get two copies–I have a tendency to highlight and write my own notes by the author’s words!  My husband would rather read a book before I get my hands on it!

This will make a great Valentines gift for any couple!

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


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