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Reflection of a Heart Like His

For Wanda’s birthday I want to share with you something written by a dear friend, who has to remain nameless due to the fact she lives in another country–and they do not take kindly to Christians–to say the least.

Dear Angie,

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. Although Wanda and I were not intimate friends, I did feel as though I had come to know her over the years. I had the greatest
respect and admiration for her consistent demonstration of abiding faith and trust in the face of what many of us would consider to be overwhelming adversity. 

Despite years of pain and trial, she managed to retain a special sweetness I shall never forget.

After I received the news, I spent much of the evening pondering the indescribable profundity of Wanda’s absolute simplicity and straightforward sincerity. 
She did not strive to be a flashy dresser, a vivacious social butterfly, or a dazzlingly erudite conversationalist. She did not seek the spotlight; she did not pursue praise or adulation. In a world where the surface is so often valued over the core, where the cover is prized more than the content, Wanda always seemed to me to be a ray of almost translucent purity and faith.

She leaves behind no record of artistic or intellectual genius; instead, she leaves for an adoring family and loving friends the memories they will never forget: memories of faith, hope, patience, sacrifice, determination, and a never-ending quest to know and fulfill God’s will on this earth. Perhaps,
after all, that is an even greater and more valuable legacy for us all. 



 Then days later she wrote again:

Dear Angie, “Over the last few days, I have really been meditatingon the miracle of Wanda’s life. She lived … truly,truly LIVED … the example that many of us talkabout. She did a lot of walking and not much talking.Or should I say that she let her walking do thetalking. I feel blessed and humbled to have known herat all….”

As I re-read these words from 2008, I reflected on my own life–I’ve heard preachers say often, “our lives are our testimony  -and it’s from that we preach our own funeral”…. I stop and think…what am I saying?  What are my actions revealing?

What about yours?  Do you ever ponder what your life is revealing about you? 

I know I have seen facebook posts that hurt my heart.  I’m not talking about the ones that are blatantly “sin”…I don’t have or subscribe to that–I’m talking about those “life revealing” posts and pictures.  The ones that reveal what is in our inner most thoughts– whether the picture reveals smiles or steely eyes.  

The heart reflects our walk.  Our walk talks for us.  Whether you tip-toe in high heels or stomp around in cowboy boots–or flip in flip-flops. The walk is talking.

What is the reflection He sees when He sees us?…. Just something to ask ourselves in the coming days…

I know Wanda’s life has blessed all who truly knew her–and I know that we will be joined again in our eternal home…every time we gather as family and talk about this–we get more ready to be there…

But until then, there’s much to do here!

Carry on!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

Happy Birthday Daughter

Jeff and I are blessed with two incredible daughters.  Much loved and appreciated for what and who they are.

We never thought –or dreamed of what they might become when they grew up–beyond serving the Lord.  I always wondered what God would use them for in the lives of others…I know that He continually uses both of them to touch the lives and hearts of others…

I know what He has used both of them for in my own life.  

A teaching instrument.

They became the vessel by which God would teach me of His unfailing love and power–and His mercy, forgiveness and GRACE.

On October 13, shortly around the lunch time hour–God brought into this world a little girl with dark hair and bright eyes.  A heart of compassion for others–if you don’t count the sisterly quarrels and subsequent fights with her beloved sister, April.  And up until April got a good foot hold in the world, Tiffany won the fights…uhmmm….but there came the day that changed.

Now, they are the best of friends and they lean on each other for strength and wisdom for trying situations in their own lives.

We are blessed parents.  

I confess it was tough raising two girls –close in age–born 18 months apart.  I learned so much along the way–thank YOU Jesus–for these girls…and all my lessons.  Now Tiffany is on the receiving end of much love–and some lessons mingled.  Lessons to teach…and learn from.

It’s harder, I think today, raising kids than when ours were coming up–more competition for time–and money.  I am thankful for the leading of the LORD in the lives of our children and grandchildren….

 Life is busy for everyone–but tomorrow, we have set aside her birthday to help her celebrate her first 29th birthday! (So she says *grinning*)

It will be a girls only day–and we are excited to see what God has in store for this girl…for the coming year.

Father, first, I thank You for this precious gift.  I thank You for all that You have guided her safely through.  I pray that You would continue to help her hear and heed Your voice as never before.  Draw her to You–where her faith was learned–and where she can be strengthened for the coming days– Grant her wisdom in raising her own children to love and serve You–forsaking the ways of the world…but reaching out to what You have purposed in their lives.  Protect her–keep her safe as You journey with her–teaching her of Your unfailing love.  

I am reminded daily that our time is drawing to a close–and we must all be so diligent about seeking to save those who are lost.  Thank You Father, for this first most precious and priceless gift.  A child.  We gave her to You when she was born…and still we trust You completely with her life.
Fill her to overflowing with the passion for You–  Remind her of her early prayers–as a child–when she was more concerned for the children in China than she was of how many stuffed animals could fit on her bed at bedtime.  We renew that vow today, as her parents, that she is Yours…not ours.  Ours only for a season of training–I hope and pray we didn’t fail you as bad as I sometimes thought we did…
We continue to…follow You.  Amen.

Tiffany, whenever you read this, know that your mom and dad love you with everything we have–as does your sister, April.  We look forward with great anticipation to all that God will do and reveal in  your life–as He continues to change each one of us–as we earnestly seek HIM….

I love the fact that you laugh easily–cry too.  For others.

I love the fact that you love your children passionately–and want the best for them…as we did (and do) you.

I love the fact that you have the best parts of us…(sorry about the not so good parts–work through them as best you can).

I love the fact that you taught me how to stay up all hours of the night–and I love the fact that you didn’t hold it against me when I fell asleep rocking you… (I remembered staying up late–last night as age and ailments wake me at odd hours…)

I love the fact that you were chosen by my Father in heaven to be mine.  I cherish and remember almost every detail of that day.  From the Red Holland show, to the nurse that discussed being baptized in the Holy Spirit with your daddy while I was in labor…Her name was Marsha.  

I love how stories of your own children will make me laugh–and cry as  you share them with me–knowing what they mean to me.

Mostly, child, I just love you.  Everything about you.  I love how you brought me closer to God–through every single trial of your raising………I pray that you also know and understand and feel that bond with our heavenly Father.

I leave with my precious readers–the birthday girl and her girl.  (Another blessing–and story for another day.)

(Yes, she was taught not to do that…but this was a fun day of family gathering at my folks house….and this made me smile.)

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News.  All rights reserved.

Today is a GOOD Day!

How many years ago is it now?  As our daughters get a bit older…I get a bit forgetful 😉

Happy Birthday Tiff! 

Although we hardly ever get to be together…my heart still remembers what it was like to hold you as a tiny baby.  I still remember how it was when we brought home your sister, April –you seemed so grown beside her.  I thought surely I must have missed a year in those few days of being away from you while I was at the hospital.

Then you did grow up.  To become a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mommy.  We are proud of you and love you so much!

We pray for you and your little ones…following in the steps that you and Jared are making before them.  Walk confidently in the love and grace offered from the LORD. 

Today, I will look up toward the heavens and tell Him “thanks” for sending me just what I needed in both my children (I know you belong to both of us…but I get a bit possessive of my girls).  I will tell Him “thanks” for teaching me how HE loves us, through me loving you and April.  He loves big.  Bigger than I ever could imagine…in a million years.

I love you–and I pray that YOUR day is filled with wonderful surprises, secrets whispered to you from our Father in heaven…who loved you first.


© The Knightly News 2007-2011

Happy Birthday April!

Love comes in small packages…On April 18, it came in a package weighing just over 8 lbs.

How blessed we were to finally be able to hold you!  (I used the picture of you with your two “packages of love”.

I kept thinking there MUST be something wrong…when you slept through the nights from the very beginning…but nothing was wrong…everything was right.

To be your mommy has been the biggest privilege imagined.  I cannot think of one single accomplishment that would or could top this!

Even when I felt a complete and utter failure–a smile from your face (just like Jake’s), would remind me that God was STILL on His throne and HE was ready and able to help me do THIS mothering thing RIGHT.  I gave it my best shot.

Thank you darling daughter for not reminding me of the many times I failed…but you always seem to remember the “good stuff”……Why can’t I remember like you?

You are a beautfiul young woman–who walks steadfastly in God’s grace–and who is blazing a trail for others to follow.  We are so proud of you!

Happy Birthday!


© The Knightly News 2007-2011

Happy Birthday Dear Tiffany

UPDATE: Her blog has a special miracle on it!

Once upon a time, there was a young couple…who couldn’t hardly wait to begin their family.

When the Lord saw fit to bless their lives—He gave them a beautiful baby girl. 7 lbs. 11 oz. 21 1/2 inches long, head full of dark hair (but not for long—she soon went bald—must have been the haircare products back then).

She had her days and nights completely mixed up. She wanted to stay up and watch Johnny Carson…and the late movie…and she did. From her mother’s arms.

I confess. I probably nodded off while rocking this little darling. I didn’t sleep well those days….

Tiffany sugar, those days of keeping your sweet mama awake….I think you are being rewarded…. 🙂 (*grinning real big*)

God has brought you a long way baby! A mighty long way!

I am proud to be your mama, your friend, your prayer partner. Finally.

I am proud to be the Nana of your blessings you hold. God is mighty faithful.

Don’t ever forget that He loves you even more than we do. And that’s a bunch!

(If you click on the picture, you can see all her little blessings!)


Mom and Dad

P.S. Be glad I didn’t include the picture of you kissing the fish. All the ladies coming to the bloggers retreat will get to see it….because it’s on my refigerator! (Yes, she did…because her daddy did.)

© The Knightly News 2007-2009

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Thankful Thursday and Happy Birthday Denise!!

Thankful Thursday is a special day! It is incredible what God is doing among us!

My heart is overflowing with His goodness! I choose to seek Him—and leave the problems. I choose to celebrate friends and their encouraging ways…I choose to seek Him in His word! I choose joy—in the midst of problems—I choose Christ.

A message and cake for Denise of ShortyBear’s Place…
You are a treasured friend…

A blessing to hundreds!—Thousands!

I am blessed to know you! I pray that the Lord fills your day with delights, surprises, joys and healing!

Ladies, I have to tell you again, if you have the opportunity to get the Bible Study book, 90 Days with the One and Only, get it. Do the study on your own. I cannot express how it has affected my heart and life in these past 81 days. We’ve not many more to go. I am looking forward with GREAT anticipation to what HE guides us to next! You will find me on the Sisters of Faith site today—Thursday.

Be encouraged sisters, when the news spills it’s gloom and doom of the day…look toward the sky, push the hair behind your ears to hear better….is that Gabriel beginning to blow?

I love you all! I look forward to a great reunion in heaven….a special time of gathering for those blogging hard for Christ Jesus!

Thank you Iris for taking us to the place of testifying for Christ! Visit Iris for more thankful hearts!

He is MORE than enough for ME! Praise Him today—on this Thankful THURSDAY!

Thankful Thursday and SURPRISE!!!

I have SO much to be thankful for today! If you were here on Tuesday—-you would have noticed our big GRIN’s! We celebrated the ACTUAL birthday of our number 5 grandson! Jake!

Thank you LORD for a safe—healthy delivery!

Now for the surprise!…..Ta-da! Saturday is Iris’ birthday—so says a little birdie…and we are joining in to wish her a Happy Birthday!—so put a sweet note on your blog if you get a chance and tell our sweet hostess of Thankful Thursday—Happy Birthday!
Iris, we love you so much! All the best wishes and prayers for a God filled year ahead is yours from me to YOU! May the LORD surround you with love notes from Him every where you look! May you see the love in the little things…as well as the obvious! May you be encouraged and filled to overflowing with His precious Holy Spirit and may that same Spirit bubble over onto each individual that visits your blog! May your heart of love and inspiration be contagious to all who know you personally, and all who visit your “dwelling of words” (the blog).
I love you and am so GLAD in my heart that the LORD brought me here!!!
Happy Birthday girl and MANY MANY More!
Ya’ll go here to visit my sweet friend–Iris!

Happy Birthday to LORI!

Someone is turning the BiG 40 today….hmmmm who could it be?
I bet it’s my sweet buddy Lori—over at All You have to GIVE….
Let me just tell ya’ll this girl gives A lOT! To our hearts…our minds….and sometimes to our mailboxes!
Lori—you delight the Lord with your cheerful giving heart. I love you and many others do as well! So, let’s all cut a slice of this yummy looking cake….grab a “diet” coke—or “diet” whatever your prefer…’cause you KNOW when you drink diet after 40….it cancels out all the calories in the sweet!
It works! Truly….why, just the other day…I was down and out and just knew that Krispy Kreme had something for me….and they did…but I was sure to get that diet coke to chase it down…canceled out every single one of them nasty calories. (It was lunch…okay, ya’ll it was a really bad day. AND a chocolate covered-cream filled does wonders for a downtrodden spirit!)
So every last one of you…cut some cake and head over there and tell my friend how yummy it was. Tell her she doesn’t look a day over 28—(I liked that age)….and be sure and wish her a happy day…full of all the things she loves the most!
Now to the 😦 sad 😦 stuff….I won’t be here next week at all to tell ya’ll hey or anything…but girls…I will be thinking of you…and writing…but without Internet service. I will log all my days and adventures…and come right back here and tell you all about it! I will tell you the things the Lord shares with my heart….while lazin’ away up on the mountain….and if I drive through your town…I will holler your name…real loud. So listen up!
Love you all! You are all the best!

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