Kicking and screaming–that’s how I would describe myself on the brink of obedience.

Oh, sure. I want to obey.

I encourage others to do that very thing. But when an action is required on my part for something I feel so UNQUALIFIED for…I start balking. Even backing up. (Surely, someone else would be much better at this…)

Not on God’s word though. In myself.

Haven’t I already told many—He will equip you when He calls you?

Did I tell you that?

How many of my own words do I need to eat? 

” But—Lord— You KNOW ME! I can’t do that!”

I am whining.

I know it and He knows it. Can’t seem to stop myself though. He leans over and whispers… “I’m not asking YOU to do it. I will do it through your obedience…your willingness…. All I want from you is an open heart and mind.”

I am humbled. Tears swell and fall. “Okay Lord.” I should have known.

See, the thing is—I love LOVE writing. I told Him I’d do it everyday—all the time—spreading His life and love through the tap-tapping of my keyboard…

Through the scratching of my pen on cards and letters.

And that may very well be where He keeps me…but I think, every now and again, He may pull me out of my comfort zone, the place where I think to myself—”hey, I can do this”…almost in a fashion of not needing Him…but, you know as well as I do—I can’t put two words together to make a sentence without His guidance.

But when He takes me OUT of the “zone of comfort”–the security of my abilities come to a screeching halt…and I rely solely on HIM.

Total insecurity in me…and fully relying on Him.

Isn’t that where He wants us all to be? Fully—Relying—On—God. F.R.O.G.

I think of that every time I see a frog. Can’t help myself. I feel like a hopping toad at times. He causes me to realize where all my strength lies. At the foot of the cross.

Without the cross…I wouldn’t be here today.

What are you balking at today where He wants you to submit?

Are you backing up a bit–thinking you can’t? When He says, through Me, You can do all things.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Listen for His voice in the quiet. Listen in the noise of life. He speaks continually.

Previously blogged at “Internet Cafe`”  © Angie Knight- The Knightly News.  All rights reserved.

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